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This software also supports RAID recovery, even stripe sets and mirrored drives. It does not overwrite your hard drive, and scans systems safely to ensure system stability and file security. CF Card Recovery for Mac is an easy-to-use and reliable recovery tool which offers you an easy and efficient way to recovers lost or deleted photos, videos, audio from your CompactFlash card on Mac OS X, even if you have erased them, reformatted the card, or your CompactFlash card has become corrupted. You can also use the software to recover lost files from other media such as memory cards, memory sticks, digital cameras, USB flash drive and others.

Supports photo recovery of high-end raw image formats for all popular digital cameras including Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Minolta, Olympus and Kodak etc. It recovers files from the trash after it's been emptied, and files from formatted, corrupted, or unmountable disks. You'll be surprised at what it'll find. In the same way you browse through your regular files using the Finder, FileAngel will scan your disks for permanently deleted files and allow you to view them in a media rich file browser window.

It works on virtually any kind of media, from standard Macintosh disks, to disks from other operating systems that are unreadable in OS X. It is also designed to withstand physical faults on the media it is used on, allowing it to skip over unreadable parts whether it's a hard drive with the infamous click of death, a scratched CD, or a USB pen drive with bad blocks. Mac Data Recovery Guru sports an extremely unique user interface that makes browsing and recovering deleted files on your Mac extremely easy.

Data Recovery Guru scans deep inside your system to detect deleted files that no other software or tool can perform. Every user should have Data Recovery Guru on their Mac. It is a really great keeper that will help you to recover your deleted files instantly on your Mac. Download Mac Data Recovery Guru 1. Data loss can be an absolute nightmare if you have no backup. Disk Drill for Mac is a free Mac data recovery tool that's easy to use and efficient.

Disk Drill for Mac recovers data from external or internal hard drives, memory cards and just about any formatted or raw, media. However, note that it won't be much use if your data has been overwritten. Once recovered, you can help prevent future disasters by using Recovery Vault. When something is deleted, Recovery Vault automatically makes it possible to recover not only the file itself, but also its properties, such as original file name, location, etc. To prevent others from seeing what you've deleted, you can set a Master Password. In the free version of Disk Drill for Mac , certain features are disabled such as bookmarks synchronization, folder synchronization, iTunes synchronization etc.

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However, the free version does the most important thing which is finding files and finding them fast. It's very easy to use and is an excellent final option if you feel like you've lost your data for good. Download Disk Drill for Mac 2.

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CleanMyMac Classic basically scans for and cleans the following types of needless data: 1. Besides being an excellent solution for cleaning your Mac from needless data, CleanMyMac Classic also includes a bunch of useful tools to help you make your Mac even cleaner.

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Finally, the Quick Erase Files module can physically overwrite the desired files for three times so they couldn't be recovered with any special tools. Also, it sports sophisticated algorithms that make it the safest cleaning solution on the market. The built-in ignore list helps the app skip potentially troublesome files and prevent critical and important files from scanning and deletion.

The hidden knowledge base contains instructions on how to remove particular apps and extensions to bring no harm to your system. CleanMyMac Classic is a definite must-have solution for any Mac user who wants to have more free space and keep his Mac clean and running smoothly. Download CleanMyMac Classic 1. If you're looking for Mac dictation software then you may be disappointed with the limited number of options available.

Express Dictate is a simple but very effective dictation tool for Macs that allows you to record and send voice notes in seconds.

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Express Dictate works exactly like a dictaphone. You can add brief labels and notes to dictations so that you know what they're about and you can even import recordings made on a portable dictaphone by virtue of the Express Dictate 'Dock' feature. Another interesting feature is that, if you purchase the complete app, you also get a foot pedal which will assist secretaries in taking down dictations.

Perhaps most usefully, there's a an inbuilt sender that allows you to instantly send recordings by email or FTP. This is ideal for those who want to send something more personal than just an email to friends and family. Overall, Express Dictate is an excellent tool. The price tag may put some people off but if you're serious about dictation, you can't go far wrong with it. Download Express Dictate for Mac 5. Tenorshare iPhone 4s Data Recovery for Mac is the best data recovery software for Mac users to recover deleted or lost data including call history, contacts, messages, camera roll, photos, bookmarks, videos, etc.

With excellent performance, this program offers 2 easy modes for data recovery: restore deleted or lost data from iPhone 4S directly without backup files, and recover iPhone 4S data by extracting iTunes backup files.

Mode 2: Recover iPhone 4S data on Mac from backup files. This mode allows iPhone 4S users to recover data by extracting iTunes including iTunes 11 backup file when iPhone 4S is lost, damaged, or corrupted. Support 12 types of iPhone 4S files: call history, contacts, messages, SMS attachments, notes, Safari bookmarks, calendar, reminders, voice memos, camera roll, photos, and videos. Tenorshare iPhone 5 Data Recovery for Mac is a technical data recovery tool for Mac users to recover deleted or lost iPhone 5 data in 2 simple modes: restore data such as photos including camera roll , SMS attachments, voice memos, videos, Safari bookmarks, etc.

Mode 2: Recover iPhone 5 data on Mac from iTunes backup files. This mode allows iPhone 5 users to recover data by extracting iTunes including iTunes 11 backup files even when iPhone 5 is broken, lost, restored to original factory setting, or inaccessible with black sreen. Support up to 12 files types: call history, contacts, messages, SMS attachments, notes, Safari bookmarks, calendar, reminders, voice memos, camera roll, photos, and videos.

Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery is a wonderful and very easy to use software tool that can extract contacts, photos, notes, sms messages, call history, and more from unreadble. With nothing but a few clicks of your mouse, you can get your lost call history, memory or more data back. Extract photo, video, music files from iTunes backup files, including the newest iTunes Who want to extract iTunes backup files including photos, contacts, messages, call history, calendar, etc.

If the worst happens and you lose all your backed up data, usually TimeMachine can help. However, what happens when TimeMachine fails or your hard disk breaks? Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery can help in a variety of situations such as if part of a file is missing, your hard drive volume is declining to mount or data is inaccessible due to resizing, formatting, initializing or repartitioning the hard drive. You'll know if you've suffered any one of these problems because you'll be receiving error messages like "The disk is damaged, do you want to initialize?

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It's ideal for external drives because it supports recovery from everything from iPod to Lacie hard drives and can recover up to 61 different file formats with a special focus on MS Office files and Entourage mails. The interface is well laid out guiding you clearly step by step through the recovery process.

Within each option, you are offered sub-options. It's also a little annoying have to enter your Mac password everytime you open the app but if it does recover your data, this is a minor drawback. Note that of course Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery can't guarantee recovery although more than likely it will be at least able to recover partial amounts of data. Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery is a straightforward data recovery tool that may save you from the worst if you lose essential data.

The Mac Data Recovery for iTunes can retrieve up to 11 types of files including lost photos, contacts, SMS, call records, memos and calendars from iTunes backup files. It is a must-have application for all Apple mobile device users. Concise interface makes the iTunes data recovery progress much easier and faster.

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No need connecting device with your Mac computer. Scan and Detect iTunes Backup Automatically - As soon as this software is launched, it will scan your computer to detect avaliable iTunes backup files from your local disk and show them to you. So you can reuse or manage the iOS data freely without limitation. Extract all text contents and media contents from iTunes Backup - Scan and display text contents and media contents from checked iTunes backup and display them by catagories like SMS, Call History, Photo, and etc.

It is highly recommend that regularly back up the contents of iPhone to Mac, including songs, photos, films, television programs and purchased applications. This is done to ensure that the data can be easily recovered In case iPhone get lost. Fortunately, iPhone data to Mac transfer is a robust iPhone assistant which specially designed for Mac users: you can transfer music from iPhone to Mac, iPad to mac, iPod to Mac.

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