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World of Warcraft functionality on Macs

This implies that the PPC code is in the installer but not in the installed app, I assume? I'm sure that Rosetta translation happens at runtime, not when an app is installed That is correct. But Blizzard never updated the installer to be native on Intel, since there presumably wasn't much advantage to it being native at the time. Medical School or Games Industry?

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Warcraft 3 Running on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Ask Different works best with JavaScript enabled. I could reinstall OSX to check, but that's not likely to happen anytime soon Yes, that's probably the reason. If you want to run Rosetta apps, you need PPC or Universal versions of all the libraries, components and plugins they load.

This could interest some: I had the same crashing problem, but on a PowerBook G4. It turns out that the culprit was the latest version of DivX codec, istalled by the package downloaded from divx. Once I removed the DivX framework from my library, everything worked fine. Just wanted to post the first note here saying that warcraft 3 runs fine on my macbook pro I'm waiting for a Universal, but Heinlein, the moon is a harsh mistress.

I'll add a "runs fine on my Intel mini". Buuuut, Frozen Throne won't run more than four minutes before crashing horribly. Reminds me of a funny story: I just received a MBP [from work], and over the weekend, went to Apple Store to find a game for it.

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Had to ask, since it seemed there weren't any games compatible with Intel macs. Apple Store person goes off to ask, comes back with "here it is One game that's compatible with any new consumer Mac you can purchase. The rest of the stuff on the shelves was for PPC Macs. I thought that was funny, but not fun. I don't recall what game it was; it didn't seem like my kinda thing. Maybe it was this WarCraft game.

Guess they always meet in the same room at Apple? I have had my macbook for a little over a week. I then went out and bought the game and it has worked great, no problems. I havent even installed the latest patches because they wouldnt install for some reason so I didnt bother. I have v1.

Warcraft 3 can't run - Apple Community

Both ran fine but I didn't play long. I'm out of practice and got my head handed to me really quickly. This explained a certain part but not all of it. It also does this if DivX is installed. Maybe it's an incompatibility with codecs?

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Anyway, I'd recommend that you'd archive all the non-default components if you have crash problems. It could be an incompatibility with the intel vs ppc wc3 isn't universal, but ALL the components in quicktime that aren't default, archive, and then unarchive them when you're done.

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I'm sure someone can whip up a shell script to do this, too, huh? Arnoct is correct. If you have the latest DivX codec the game will immediately crash when ran. This problem also occurs with DivX - and can be fixed without having to archive or delete folders. Steps to blocking unwanted folders without deleting or archiving them: 1.

How to Install & Play Warcraft 3 on Mac (macOS Sierra, OS X El Capitan, etc)

Start a Terminal 2. It is possible to change the rights via Finder but it involves changing file owerships, which I wouldn't recommend. Try renaming the 'Movies' folder in your Warcraft installation folder to 'Moovies' or something. That will make sure Warcraft doesn't try to use Quicktime to access the movies and should stop it from crashing. Worked for me at least A better solution than removing divx or access to it, since i kinda like it. I've been searching for how to fix this for a while and you came up with such an easy fix.

Just wanted to say thanks :.