Mac qt mysql driver not loaded

Thanks for your quick response very much!!!! I haved already installed MySQL. The version is 5. I think I cannot express myself well. I'm using cellphone now. Maybe I can show my screenshots hours later. Thanks for your answer agian!!! Thanks a lot. I think I get your point. Could you tell me more details of otool?

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What should I do? From what you wrote, you seem to be somewhere on your filesystem and just expecting that libqsqlmysql. You have to give the full path to the Qt MySQL plugin if you're not in the folder where that file reside. I want to know whether it is the correct way. Note that when doing such a thing you have to do some testing, you are now using a client library which is from a different version that the one used to link the plugin. That may or may not work depending on the library.

In this case, things look fine. Things look good. Is it the default way? Thanks again. Setting up a build machine using a package manager will always be easier than having to grab tons of installers. It's usually also simpler to handle upgrades and parallel installations with these kind of tools. I'm also using Qt 5. However, now that I'm deploying the application I find that it works on my development Mac but not on other Macs. This makes sense: the libqsqlmysql. At the same time this doesn't make sense: how could this be the right way to do this?

I've read a lot of posts about this issue, but haven't found anything that addresses this issue: how do I configure the plugin so that it will work on other Macs, not just ones that happen to have MySQL installed in the way I have it installed? Many users of my application don't even have MySQL installed.

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They are using my app to connect to a MySQL server on another server. I know this should be possible, because this app worked fine for my users for several years when I had it under Qt4. I'm just encountering this question because of a necessary upgrade to Qt5. Hi guys, I have the same problem, but the above solutions and also all the solutions on the web do not work for me.

I am wonder while all the new users has the same problem why Qt does not fix this bug which is seen in most of versions and claimed by many users. This won't work because you are calling otool in some random place where libqsqlmysql.

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Either give the full path to the plugin or cd into the sql plugins folder in your Qt installation and call that command again. Hi SQaist, Thank you for your prompt reply. Tried to use the following command and problem solved. The thing I am worry about is when I will face to problem as we tricked to Qt to use libqslmysql. Mainly the problem is solved but it should not be OK. SGaist Thanks for putting me on the right path. I solved my issue and just wanted to post what I learned for others to benefit from:. Note that the driver only supports the UTF-8 encoding. If your database uses any other encoding, the server must be compiled with Unicode conversion support.

Unicode support was introduced in PostgreSQL version 7. Install the appropriate PostgreSQL developer libraries for your compiler. It is not possible to set the port with QSqlDatabase::setPort due to limitations in the Sybase client library. Refer to the Sybase documentation for information on how to set up a Sybase client configuration file to enable connections to databases on non-default ports.

Regardless of which library you use, the shared object file libsybdb. Set the SYBASE environment variable to point to the directory where you installed the client library and execute qmake :. LIB to build the plugin:. The DB2 header and include files should already be installed in the right directories.

The Qt SQLite 2 plugin is offered for compatibility.

Whenever possible, use the version 3 plugin instead. The build instructions for version 3 apply to version 2 as well. SQLite is an in-process database, which means that it is not necessary to have a database server. SQLite operates on a single file, which must be set as the database name when opening a connection.

If the file does not exist, SQLite will try to create it.

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SQLite also supports in-memory databases, simply pass ":memory:" as the database name. SQLite has some restrictions regarding multiple users and multiple transactions. This is due to SQLite associating the type of a value with the value itself rather than with the column it is stored in. A consequence of this is that the type returned by QSqlField::type only indicates the field's recommended type.

No assumption of the actual type should be made from this and the type of the individual values should be checked. The driver is locked for updates while a select is executed. SQLite version 3 is included as a third-party library within Qt. It can be built by passing the following parameters to the configure script: -plugin-sql-sqlite build as a plugin or -qt-sql-sqlite linked directly into the Qt library.

Драйвер QMYSQL не загружен, попробовал все подсказки

SQLite minor releases sometimes break file format forward compatibility. For example, SQLite 3.

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Please refer to the SQLite documentation and change logs for information about file format compatibility between versions. Patch releases are therefore both backward and forward compatible. To force SQLite to use a specific file format, it is neccessary to build and ship your own database plugin with your own SQLite library as illustrated above. The database file must exist before a connection can be established. Firebird must be used with a server configuration. Note that InterBase requires you to specify the full path to the database file, no matter whether it is stored locally or on another server.

Please use Firebird or the free edition of InterBase. Note that if the text encoding set when connecting to the database is not the same as in the database, problems with transliteration might arise. You should always use client libraries that have been compiled with the same compiler as you are using for your project. If you cannot get a source distibution to compile the client libraries yourself, you must make sure that the pre-compiled library is compatible with your compiler, otherwise you will get a lot of "undefined symbols" errors. Some compilers have tools to convert libraries, e.

If the compilation of a plugin succeeds but it cannot be loaded, make sure that the following requirements are met:. Make sure you have followed the guide to Deploying Plugins. If you experience plugin load problems and see output like this:. This might require removing an entry from the plugin cache. QSqlDatabase is responsible for loading and managing database driver plugins. QSqlDriver is responsible for connecting to a database, establish the proper environment, etc. QSqlDatabase forwards many of its function calls directly to QSqlDriver which provides the concrete implementation.

QSqlResult is responsible for sending queries to the database, returning result data, etc. QSqlQuery forwards many of its function calls directly to QSqlResult which provides the concrete implementation. When implementing a Qt SQL driver, both of these classes must to be subclassed and the abstract virtual methods in each class must be implemented. Read How to Create Qt Plugins for more information on this.