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Yes there is somewhat, not a limit of what content or anything however there is a limit on how many Lua files may be loaded at once. The current limit seems to be I doubled it so it should now be If that didn't change anything let me know, maybe there's another hardcoded limit within the engine and it might be a bit more tricky to remove. There will come a time where you have so many addons installed that installing any other addons will cause critical conflicts. It's like Jenga, but instead of removing blocks, it's installing addons. Sooner or later the tower's going to fall.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. As far as I know, the only limit is your computer's performance! I think you didn't enough research at the time there was enough information and even an discussion that I've touched about in my answer. However not many people hit the limit, so it's understandable. If you have an Origin copy already, there should be an update waiting for you when you log on. Many thanks to the Origin team for quickly addressing the issue. Filed under Origin. Dear tarkussc4, does that mean that the Origin version now includes the nightlight patch?

The Steam Windows version is supposed to be patched up to 1. The Steam Mac version is equivalent to 1. Origin does not sell the Mac version. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. None of the networks themselves are.

We're not going to be putting it up on filesharing services. If you are running an Origin retail copy, they've apparently gone back to distributing an unpatched and unpatchable version of the game, which is missing a number of stability fixes and can't run the NAM. If you're running off a disc copy, however, it may simply be that you've installed the wrong SKU of the EP1 Update 1 patch. Unfortunately, we have no one on the team who runs that version presently, so we're extremely limited in terms of ability to provide tech support.

I've heard that running the installer in the Plugins folder helps a fair bit, but beyond that, I'd check on the Mac board at Simtropolis. I tested it and it showed "4 hours before finishing download. That's not a NAM problem It took me less then 30 seconds to download it. Downloaded it with IDM but there's still this happens every single time and the link pops up when I already did it..


I have what seems like dozens of new train stations. One of which appears to be an el rail over avenue station.

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There are some other new lots, something about BRT and a puzzle piece that only allows buses on a road. But they, and several of the stations, are just brown boxes. I downloaded and updated and everything seemed to go fine. But when I open the game, I can't notice any difference from my previous version, which was several years old. The only noticeable difference was the tram on road had a yellow center line instead of a white one. Also did I see somewhere that there was an el rail over avenue in this?

Cause that would be fantastic. Anyway, let me know if I'm missing something. I use a Mac with the steam version of the game. The NAM in its present form is a MB file that incorporates dozens of projects that were once separate downloads, so I'd say it's already a "mega download". Thank you Tarkus sp Unless you are using a cracked copy of the game, the official SC4 EP1 Update 1 patch will install, though you may need to try a different SKU version of it than what you've tried. There are quite a few benefits to the game that the patch provides, beyond letting you install the NAM.

We will not be making old NAM versions available again, as this would just create tech support problems. It's a MB file approximately. If you're having difficulty getting it from here, the alternate mirror is ModDB Simtropolis no longer hosts it directly and links to ModDB. Due to the somewhat mixed messages the patch installer sometimes gives, even when it fails, it may appear to have been a success. I have applied the patch SKU 2 to upgrade to 1. Please advise. I'm running Windows I haven't played SC4 since '11 on a Windows 7 desktop!

I now have a Mac OS I do not know why this version does not work for me, but with this I have no problems flyfishis thanks Tarkus Daderic: Thanks--we will keep them coming! Most of the Light Rail and Monorail work has been frozen for awhile, due to potential spec upgrades. While no new fractional angle intersections are planned for NAM 36, I'd say it's quite likely that we will be adding to that functionality in later release.

Your dedication is amazing! Thank you! New version of NAM!!! Time for enjoy it! Thank you all for everything you do and have done!! Thank you to all the NAM team for your awesome work! Hope you enjoy. This isn't a technical support thread. The comments here are supposed to be related to the download. If you really want an answer, you'll get one much more swiftly if you ask in the SC4D forums. THX for any aid on this matter its appreciated I am also hoping that a number of batters and such would even whip some goodies together for that month of Nam Day Thank you for the swift responses all the same, such promptness and dedication is rare but greatly appreciated.

Are those the forums that can be found here? I posted here when I saw that you posted responses recently, meaning this page was still active much to my pleasant surprise. I didn't know if people still monitored some of the older forum areas. Thank you all the same, again. Could not delete files. Simcity 4 is probably running" even though I do not have it running. If there's more information I could give that might help you understand what the problem is, I would love to give it, but I may need help tracking down where to find that information.

Stop by the forums, and we can give you more detailed assistance in diagnosing and resolving the issue. Thanks so much for the dedication! This site was the only one that got a working file! Its says that i dont have 1. NAM 34 is newer than all those versions you mentioned, and an improvement over all of them.

We don't support old versions, and accordingly, don't make them available for download. Please anyone helpme!!? The NAM doesn't include slope mods. If you require additional tech help, I'd register on the forums if you haven't already--they require a separate account and you can get more detailed assistance there. Where can I feed this back to and what additional info would be required? A lot of newer AV programs will initially try to flag files simply because they're not produced by large corporations and have huge userbases.

If you do a legitimate scan on the file, rather than listening to the statistics-based false positive, you'll see the file is alright. It's certainly possible that it could take you 10 hours to download it, which may be the case if you're on a bad internet connection or the server is really busy. It is supposed to be a. Try downloading all five and try each one--one should work, as long as you're not running a No CD hack. When i download the file, it downloads as a zip and says it will take 10 hours to install!

I have winrar installed as well and cant figure out the issue. This mod is essential for Simcity 4. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match" Any solution for this problem?

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Thank you so much for your work keeping alive and inprooving SC4. There is one again. It's not a texture issue, but a RUL code issue. It will be addressed by NAM Not that it will start to load and crash, no, it will not start at all. Also we tried to change the compatibility settings which did nothing.

Posted on simtropolis but questions are going unanswered there! She has watched I think 70 or so episodes and has now gotten the courage to actually try the NAM addon.

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Being the loving husband I am, I am grabbing all the patches and updates she needs her sc4d is now updated. I wanted to say thank you for NAM 34 being released as a whole, as this saves me a bunch of time!! All of you have kept this game alive since It's awesome how it continues growing, although not that much, sadly.

I know that it reduces the requirements to 0, but that isn't happen in my game. Can you help me? We are only developing RRW-spec Rail content from here on out, so the old Maxis Rail one wouldn't make sense to include. I'd reinstall. If you are still encountering difficulties, stop by the forums with more details on your specific issues--we'll be better able to help you there than on this download comment form.

Can anyone help me??

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Nice job on keeping the Sc4 fire buring bright all these years. Thanks for the hard work and continued effort keeping this game fun. We don't provide support for old versions and immediately discontinue them as soon as the newest one is ready. New versions add new features and fix issues with previous versions, so there's no real reason to keep old ones around. I downloaded the file but when I extract it. It says 'the file is corrupt'.

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  • How can I fix this? Trying the other SKUs will have no ill effect. There needs to be an official, patched executable and game files in place for the installer to run. This will also give you the added bonus of the installer provided your existing version is new enough being able to determine your previous installation settings. As far as knowing which version you had, if you have the old installer from that version, that'd tell you.

    Additionally, the NAM icon at the bottom of the Roads menu will tell you when your controller file was compiled. If it's NAM 30 or earlier, there will be an "r" number shown. If you are still encountering difficulty, stop by the forums, where we can give you more detailed assistance. Did i need to reinstall those? Who would've thought that fresh content and improvements would still be here 12 years after the original release?

    Incredible, thanks guys! I reinstalled the game and running it on administrator's privilege, but nothing worked. Makes me frustrated. A great present for my birthday!

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    This is officially awesome. Terrific job chaps shushujing Thank you, happy holiday SimNation Fantastic! I think I will start playing this again with a new start and a fresh city. I have been wanting to revisit SC4 for awhile and his seems like a good excuse to start again. Nice work NAM team. Whats wrong with all the downloaders. It should 8,, votes Dencor Thanks to you to all the guys who is part of Nam. A big thank you to everybody that contributes to this lovely game. Some of the texture mapping on the ramps are off line.

    The RHW intersections appear to be missing in the menu and when creating a RHW crossroads the middle squares of the the junction have no texture at all. I'm pretty sure you're aware of these problems. Keep up the good work jjanggukin Help! Try clicking in the vicinity of the roundabouts.

    If not, try reinstalling the NAM. If you require further assistance, please stop by the forums--we can give you more detailed help there. HELP please! That said, it sounds like there's probably something more to your issue. If you still encounter issues, stop by the forums, and we'll be able to help you better there than on the comments here. I have updated the game with the newest patch, installed the java package but cannot use any of the NAM textures It says in the menu in game that I have an outdated NAM controller which wasn't built during installation because it has not found JAVA which was installed before.

    Is there any help on this? I still have a Bit machine It really makes SC4 modern and realistic! The interchanges for the stock highways are extremely difficult to make the trumpet took 18 months by itself! It's possible the installer I was looking at was a slightly newer one. In any case, I'll put it up on Dropbox and post the link on the forums.

    The one at the bottom is the MIS bridges. Well, best go re-install! I really love the additional highway options for use with the stock highways, such as the additional interchanges. One thing that seems to be missing are elevated versions of the Trumpet and Partial Y 3 way interchange. Otherwise the kit is great. There's a vestigial issue stemming from the way it was packaged in an earlier release that has been known to cause it to not get installed now.

    As well as the various transition pieces? Can't wait for the full thing! We're waiting until we have the official NAM 33 release ready to make a new Mac version. There is just a. This development cycle for NAM 33 may have taken a long time, but our plan is to keep going with SC4 as long as we can. I always thought that to 32 in relation to stop , but you has always insisted. Come on , SimCity has been in our hearts from Google Translate Tarkus deeznuts How exactly is it not letting you download it? My admin control panel shows you've downloaded it 10 times, and as there is a cap on how many times one can download a file in one day, as well as filesize over a certain period, it's possible the system has locked you out.

    As far as the duplicates, they appear to be safe to remove. The Japanese locale technically isn't a duplicate, but it's not strictly necessary if you're not running the game in Japanese. We've already gotten the FARHW one reported as an issue to fix for the installer, whereas the lightcone ones are simply an vestige of the original packaging of some of xannepan's bridges.

    Yes, I know I can't install both, but I wish to try both so I can decide later which one to use. As far as I know, the Japanese and english files are different in size They're mutually exclusive of one another. I don't know what's causing those other duplicate files, though I could take a look at that.

    After installing the pre release I've encountered some duplicates in different folders. I don't know if I should delet them. Any help of how I can proceed? Thank you for the response. I actually did some digging yesterday on the forums and found that us users are just a little lazy to think for ourselves. If you check the documentation currently available you will find some basic direction on how to use the NAM.

    You will just have to take each menu open a sandbox region and build each puzzle peace. Then take a picture and print it. Now you have a nice example of what is on each menu. In the existing documentation there is also a few forums you can visit showing you how to build the intersections. This was also suggested by one of the users on the forums. Stop moaning the NAM team is working really hard for us to enjoy the game. Thanks again NAM team still looking forward to the official release. First I would like to say thank you for all your hard work in order for the rest of the community to enjoy SC4.

    I have also been trying to find documentation on the NAM specifically where to find certain puzzle pieces. I am new to using NAM and really strugle with finding the correct puzzle pieces. If you really have to re do the documentation can you specify where in the menus you can find the puzzle pieces as this would help a lot.

    I know this is a lot of work. Thank you again for the hard work. Looking forward to the official release. The documentation is in kind of a transitional stage. Is there any indication on when the next manual update is? No additional configuration is needed. If you install it in the one in the game's directory, there's a good chance that the mod wouldn't work there's only a couple things for which that folder is used. Hope that helps! It seems to me there is no way for my game to pick up the contents of the mod without some sort of intentional configuration or cmd instructions.

    Any advice on how to proceed? More user feedback means a more robust final product. Some pre-release graphics were left in, but we didn't think it was worth the trouble of spending all that time re-uploading it just to fix that. If you're running a NoCD version of 1. Great as always! Alternatively, there's 7-zip out there, which is free, open source, and the most full-featured extractor out there. I did manage to open the boxes though ; Tarkus Hilmar That other download has dependencies. I don't think it's been added to the Dependency Tracker system yet, so you'll want to check its Readme documentation.

    As we're off on a non-NAM-related tangent, I'd recommend either moving over to the comment thread for the schools, or, better yet, I'd suggest posting on the SC4D Forums instead, which will get a lot more views than the comments here which very few people check. I also found some highschool and i can see it. But when i click on it i don't see information about it or the ability to change bus and student funding.

    I'd try again later. The other official mirror you could try is Simtropolis. Downloaded twice: 1st is in this site zip file and 2nd is in modDb exe type. I am just missing one thing from the last time i downloaded the mod in my old computer and that was the rural highschool. Perhaps i can download it here? It's a self-extractor we put over the installer in order to get the download size down and conserve bandwidth the download would be MB instead of MB without it.

    As far as the file you refer to having and clicking, is that the Network Addon Mod Setup If you're on a newer version of Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 8. You'll see it when installing most programs. Click "Yes", and the installer will run. But when i click on the file i have, i don't get the option "run".

    I just get yes or no if i want to download and make changes to the computer. You've only just extracted the installer that you ultimately need to run from the initial download package. Look for "Network Addon Mod Setup But i don't see it in my game. I opened the file, pushed Excact and still nothing. I had lost my password so i got the game through Origin. Any ideas what could be the problem? In the same directory as the self-extractor, you should now see a file called "Network Addon Mod 32 Setup. Run that to get the mod installed. I'm not sure what to do at this point. First, you run the self-extractor to extract the installer, and once you run the installer itself, it'll automatically take care of where things need to go.

    I'd advise trying another mirror, such as ModDB. I don't remember if I had choices during installation to install all HSR pieces. The patch will partially install if you have the wrong version, and might not give you a good indication of that fact. Don't have the staff to keep supporting them. I'd try reinstalling. Frequently I find myself turning back to SC4 from newer games, and doubt I would without tools like the NAM :3 tataboom i update v. Steam, GOG. Then, find the page for EP1 Update 1, download it and install it.

    You may need to check to ensure you have the correct version of the EP1 Update, which depends on the region in which your copy of the game was originally intended to be sold which, with newer copies, could be somewhere other than where you actually live. I have a nocd version 1. Any suggestions? Updated it to version 1. But now my game is up to date version 1.

    Well done! The actual installer will put the mod into your Plugins folder. This exact setup we have for the packaging is actually used in the professional computing world with some regularity, with patches, mods, and driver packages. That change involves a modification to the boot. You can reverse it by replacing the boot.

    Simcity 4 with the rush hour expansion pack both purchased around to which I has to apply the SKU patch to be able to install NAM. Previously I was using NAM with no problems apart from the bugs like the ferry ports causing the game to crash. Failing that is there an earlier version that I can get hold of eg v 30? And a NAM Really, we have no end point in sight. As long as people have interest in the game and enough of them have the necessary skills, the NAM Team will keep going.

    And many of the features seem to be missing. What is the case with this? Stop by the NAM Place board on the forums. Those who activated CD keys already have 1. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is it not installing and telling you that you need to be running Version 1.

    Or is it something else entirely? I was hoping to get this transportation mod to download into the game, but it;s not working.

    Network Addon Mod Version 33 Teaser 3: RealHighway Multi-Radius Curves

    Can you help? I took quite the break myself but found my way back cannot wait to jump into see all the new stuff in the NAM since I last played sc4 back in Nice job keeping the fire going. Its works wonderfully. Read up on it at their forums. Only thing i have seen is changing resolution after initial setup you may need to edit the. Thanks, revilo Increasing frustration. I got the EU1 patch working after reinstalling the game to the default directory.

    Where can I find this file, please? Those slight modifications render it unpatchable, unfortunately. I did buy my current installation of the game in June from Origin online. See the advice I gave wilsonbiggs below. The game must be patched to at least version 1. Do you want to install patch now? NAM installation keeps getting hung up.

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    How do I fix this? Thanx in advance With disc copies purchased in more recent years, copies originally intended for other regions have ended up in surprising places. Also, the patches are only designed to work with retail disc copies of the game. If you tried to install on a NoCD hack, it will fail. Your creativity allows us to make badass cities. Keep innovating! I installed it, played with it and it run fine,.. Thank you NAM team!!!! Blanc: Thanks for the feedback. Our current approach has allowed us to go from having to support and maintain different packages between the old separate release RHW and the like, and individual custom bridges , to dealing with just two, the NAM and the Diagonal Bridge Enabler.

    I understand that you want to make this NAM product the one and only stop for getting all the mods, but I feel if you split the installer itself into the separate mods, then a computer as weak as mine can handle it. Find it in the directory, and then run that. After that, run the self-extractor, then run the installer that is extracted from the self-extractor. Just follow the directions in there. The game starts up fine, but when I select a city from my Region, it loads the city up, but freezers.

    Have I done something wrong? For mac users I found a program to run this. I thought though that I had already patched my copy of SC4. How do I found out if I had in fact patched it? Am I looking for a version number on the main exe? Is some other file introduced so I can tell?

    Problem, huh? At least that is the case for the version compatible with OS X4.