Rocketfish hdmi adapter for mac doesnt work

OK, I now have this solved. It seems to be strictly an issue of incompatible implementations of the standards, probably exacerbated for Surface Pro users by the fact that main market for these adapter are Macs. Presumably hopefully the Microsoft adapter would have worked but it was out of stock the whole time. Worked directly and through dock the winner :. Did NOT work directly or through dock:. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help.

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I'm sorry to hear about your experience on Surface Pro. As I understand, you're experiencing troubles connecting your Surface Pro to an external monitor through or without the Docking station with 3rd party cable adapters. I also understand your frustrations. Just to clarify. The first drive had sleep issues, but had the older firmware. The second drive had the newer firmware I think it is and didn't have the sleep issues, but locks up while running.

I'm so irritated on how many hours I've spent on this issue.

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And their support department, though very nice, wasn't helpful at all. It's as if they never heard of this problem. Three Mavericks updates ago it stopped working. Two updates ago it was working again, in fact so well when we turned on the TV it made the iMac flicker. Last update killed it again. The dongle and wires are fine as I'm sure there's some tricky, stand-on-you-left-foot-face-south-turn-on-this-then-turn-on-that thing I need to do!

Rocketfish Rf-ap305 HDMI Adapter for MacBook iMac

I unchecked Mission Control's "Displays have seperate Spaces" and it helped once. I'm at my wits end with this. The best option is an appointment at an Apple store genius bar. The evaluation will be for FREE! My problem: mbp13 does not detect lcd tv I'm using the hdmi cable from the hddvr, works macbook pro 13in late rocketfish mdp to hdmi adapter hdmi cable brand unknown samsung lcd tv 52in.

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I have a mid Macbook Air and I want to be able to stream what I am watching on Safari youtube, dishanywhere, amazon instant video, etc on my tv via my macbook. Rocketfish web camera problem. I have iChat 4. On my PowerMac it indicates that the camera is in use by another application. When I plug it on a newer MacBook Pro it works fine.

Is the problem the USB? Any solutions? Are there web cameras that work on the PowerMac G4? I spoke to customer service a rocketfish and they were just ambiguous enough that I want to see if anyone has been sucessful at "discovering" the Rocketfish RF-MAB2. I just installed the OS The HDD is a Seagate. Anyone else seeing this problem?

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It also won't mount on my wifes macbook pro with It was working on snow leopard don't know vesion number I have a Rocketfish hard drive enclosure that worked until I upgraded to Mountain Lion. Why no driver support for Rocketfish???? Please fix this Apple! Retrieving my data from back-up file on PC not having another phone. The ribbon for the slide screen is not functioning therefore my screen is blank and black.

However I have a back-up on my computer; how can I read my data? Can I use mu USB to access my phone and read data directly on the the phone.

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Please advise. Hi all, what are the ways to download data from ods? Apart from the above 3 is there any other way to download data from my ods. I need to download around 90 fields from my ods to a flat file. But listcub.

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  7. Those that can't will need to have auxiliary speakers connected to the 3. Mid or later MacBook Pros support audio through the port. Late or later iMacs also support it. The mid and later unibody MacBook 7,1 supports it. Interestingly, the late MacBook 6,1 does not support it despite being almost identical to the 7,1 model released less than a year later.

    You can find a complete compatibility list through a simple Google search. However, I'm having trouble with the audio. When I change the volume with the audio keys, I only get a circle with a line through it indicating it can't play audio. I have no idea why it isn't working for me but the MIDI program confirms this model is capable. I suspect it is a software issue, my TV, or the adapter.

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    Kamrun Cheapest one I could find off of eBay. It works just as well as an original adapter, but for a fraction of the cost. Bastian Gruber Bastian Gruber 3, 13 13 gold badges 41 41 silver badges 66 66 bronze badges.

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    I'm more interested in the cheapo cables that you find on eBay.