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Show Formulas toggles the display of every formula in a worksheet.

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If you are having trouble with a single formula, the problem isn't Show Formulas. Instead, Excel probably thinks the formula is text. Read on for more information. If Excel thinks a formula is just text, and not an actual formula, it will simply display the text without trying to evaluate it as a formula. First, you may have forgotten the equal sign.

3 Ways to Print Cell Formulas Used on an Excel Spreadsheet

If you leave this out, Excel will simply treat the formula as text:. A subtle variation of this problem can occur if there is one or more spaces before the equal sign. A single space can be hard to spot, but it breaks the rule that all formulas must start with an equal sign, so it will break the formula as shown below:.

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  • Finally, make sure the formula is not wrapped in quotes. Sometimes, when people mention a formula online, they will use quotes, like this:. Note: you are free to use quotes inside formulas. In all of the examples above, just edit the formula so it begins with an equal sign and all should be well:. Finally, every once in a while, you might see a formula that is well-formed in every way, but somehow does not display a result.

    If you run into a formula like this, check to see if the cell format is set to Text.

    Microsoft Excel - Keyboard shortcuts for Mac Excel

    You may need to enter cell edit mode click into the formula bar, or use F2, then enter to get Excel to recognize the format change. Excel should then evaluate as a formula. Normally, if you try to enter a formula in an unfinished state, Excel will throw an error, stopping you from entering the formula. However, if you add a single apostrophe before the equal sign Excel will treat the formula as text and let you enter without complaint. The single quote reminds you that the formula has been intentionally converted to text:.

    Later, you can then come back later to work on the formula again, starting where you left off. See 17 in this list for more info.

    How to show formulas in Excel

    It edits the active cell and positions the cursor at the end of the cell contents. You want to edit a formula, hit the F2 key.

    Frequently used shortcuts

    But wait! In Excel for Mac the F2 key cuts text from the active cell. How could they do this? What were they thinking? Window users are screwed when it comes to keyboard shortcuts in Excel for Mac.

    Introduction to Functions in Excel for Mac

    Remember that well. If you use F2 to edit a cell on a Mac, remember your screwed, and think FU. Brian many thanks for sharing this solution. The program you mention does quite a lot beside allowing key re-assignment for Excel. I just wish Microsoft would recognize our frustrations and give us a simple solution to standardize function and keyboard shortcut keys. HAVE I? This will let you use the F2 key in Excel without dimming your screen.

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    • I use all my F keys as standard function keys, but I still have to use the fn key for mute, lower and raise the volume buttons. Yeeeaaaahh buddy!! No worries. As a heavy PC user, I use this program to remap most of my keys on the Mac to make the transition back and forth easier, particularly on my MacPro. When you try to open a file with the context of an application like Word, Excel, or any other application, the application will pop open an instance of the File Chooser dialog box, which is actually just another view of Finder.

      So why would you have one usage be Command Open while the other is Enter? Lastly, for anyone who lives by the keyboard, having to use two hands to manipulate the keyboard to select a file is highly highly inefficient, and THAT is truly retarded.