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Needing only one channel of audio input, this capability can be used for a variety of purposes. With Smaart's input connected to the mixing console's PFL or cue bus, Spectrograph mode can display the of individual channels, several selected channels, or various mixes. Spectrograph mode can be used to display room resonances: pink noise is applied to the room's sound system, and the signal from a test microphone in the room is displayed on Smaart.

When the pink noise is muted, the display shows the lingering tails of noise frequencies that are resonating. Impulse response [ ] Smaart can be used to find the delay time between two signals, in which case the computer needs two input channels and the software uses dual-FFT mode. Called 'Delay Locator', the software calculates the impulse responses of two continuous audio signals, finding the similarities in the signals and measuring how much time has elapsed between them.

This is used to set delay times for delay towers at large outdoor sound systems, and it is used to set delay times for other loudspeaker zones in smaller systems. Veteran touring sound engineer Jim Yakabuski calls such delay locator programs as Smaart a 'must have' item, useful for quickly aligning sound system elements when setup time is limited. Market [ ] Smaart is primarily aimed at sound system operators to assist them in setting up and tuning sound systems. Other users include audio equipment designers and architectural acousticians.

Author and sound engineer wrote in that because of Smaart's widespread acceptance at all levels of live sound mixing, the paradigm has reversed from the s one of surprise at finding scientific tools in the concert sound scene to one of surprise if the observer finds that such tools are not being used to tune a sound system. Smaart has been described as 'a newer, slimmer and much cheaper—but not necessarily better—version of the Meyer SIM system.

At the same time, some early Smaart users found that after tweaking their drivers they could get Smaart to work on an Apple computer, the software running inside an x86 emulator such as 'with varying results'.

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JBL-Smaart version 1. Don', while working on sound systems used by the Grateful Dead. Pearson published articles about impulse response measurements taken during setup and testing of concert sound systems, and recommended the Dead buy an expensive Dual Channel FFT analyzer, made for industrial engineering.

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Along with Dead soundman, Pearson developed methods of working with this system to set up sound systems on tour, and he assisted Meyer engineers working on a more suitable source-independent measurement system which was to become their SIM product. As well, Pearson had an 'intimate involvement' with the engineers who were creating Smaart, including a meeting with Jamie Anderson.

Smaart v6: Licensing and Installation

Smaart was developed by in association with, touring sound engineer with and. Studio Sound magazine described Smaart in as 'the most talked about new product' at the th AES convention in Copenhagen, exemplifying a new trend in software audio measurement. Calvert Dayton joined SIA Software in as graphic designer, technical writer and website programmer. Smaart was unusual because it helped audio professionals such as theatrical do what was previously possible only with highly sophisticated and expensive measurement devices.

Audio system engineers from used Smaart to tune the sound system at each stop during 's — As it increased in popularity, engineers who used Smaart found mixed results: touring veteran Doug Fowler wrote that 'misuse was rampant' when the software first started appearing in the field.

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He warned users against faulty interpretation, saying 'I still see bad decisions based on bad data, or bad decisions based on a fundamental lack of understanding of the issues at hand. Nevertheless, Clive Young, editor of Pro Sound News, wrote in that the introduction of Smaart in was the start of 'the modern era of sound reinforcement system analysis software'. Version 3 was introduced under EAW's ownership, with the additional capability of accepting optional which could be used to apply sound system adjustments, as measured by Smaart, to digital signal processing DSP equipment.

The external third party DSP would perform the corrections indicated by Smaart. SmaartLive 4 software running on an laptop in , mounted in a portable case Versions 4 and 5 were built upon the foundation of version 3, but with each major release, the application was getting more and more difficult to write, and further improvements appeared practically impossible to implement.

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For version 6, the designers decided to tear Smaart back down to its basics and rebuild it on a flexible multi-tasking, multi-platform framework which would allow it to be used on and Windows machines. Writing it took two years, and it was released in a package which included the earlier version 5 because there was not enough time to incorporate all elements of the existing feature set.

Anderson said in , 'we released Version 6 without all of the features of 5, but we are adding those features back in. Smaart 6 was nominated for a TEC Award in but did not win. Any selected channel on the mixer could be used as a source for Smaart analysis, displaying, for instance, the real-time results of channel equalization. The console could be configured to send multiple microphone inputs to Smaart, and it offered constant metering of in decibels. When it was put into production in , band engineer Don Dodge took the mixer out on a world tour with, the first concert mixed in March With its inch able to serve both audio control and Smaart analysis functions, Dodge continued to mix Foreigner on it throughout and Rational Acoustics was incorporated on April 1, Rational released Smaart 7 on April 14, ; a version which uses less processing power than v5 and v6 because of efficiencies brought about in the redesigned code.

Smaart 7 was written using a new architecture, it was given improved data acquisition.

EAW Smaart Version 6

Other new features include changes and delay tracking. Users can run simultaneously displayed real-time measurements in multiple windows, as many as their computer hardware will allow. Smaart 7 was nominated in for a TEC Award but did not win.

Penton Media. Retrieved January 8, Bright sunlight can be a problem when using a laptop outdoors. Select High Contrast View from the Options menu, which turns the text black and the background colors white. You can also make the plot lines thicker from the Options window on the Freq Resp tab. When in Freq Resp view, the trace will not settle on some newer computers, even with a lot of averaging in some cases because the software calculations are so fast.

As all measurements run at all times, a workaround is to increase the FFT size of the Spectrum measurement. This increases CPU overhead, thus slowing down and settling the jittery trace. The Phase Trace is useful for fine-tuning your crossover alignment, delay rings and seams between subsystems. The horizontal, flat part of the phase trace shows where the reference and measurement channel are arriving in time. The left side of the horizontal flat spot usually a left-to-right downward slope is where the measurement channel lags behind the reference.

The right side of the horizontal flat spot is where the measurement channel leads in time usually a left-to-right upward slope. One complete wrap equals degrees. Use 32 or more averages. Place the measurement mic close to the floor, about three-quarters into the room. Un-mute the lows on one side. Go to Freq Resp and capture a trace press Space, then Enter. Mute the LF drivers and turn on the subs. Adjust the sub drive so that the levels match to the low trace at the crossover frequency. Do not adjust the delay within Smaart, but rather on the sub output of your system controller until the phase response of the subs is parallel with the lows through the crossover frequency.

If the phase overlaps, you're done. If the phase trace is parallel through the crossover region but not overlapped, this usually indicates that the sub polarity needs to be inverted. App DOES support external interface!! Why no website or support though?! Hi, Please see studiosixdigital. I have owned this app since it came out in or so. Best fft app available in my opinion. Last year I bought an iPhone X and have been disappointed ever since.

Love the phone but for whatever reason this app does not like the new platform.

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It appears as a smaller screen in your bigger phone. Also I might add I now have an iPhone xs max and it has the same smaller screen format. Obvious the developer is not using this app on the new iPhone format ie no push button, extended screen and rounded corners.

Sound System Tuning Step-by-Step using TRACT and Smaart

This app needs an overhaul. Hello, First, thanks for being a long-time user and for reaching out to us. We appreciate the feedback, although we can respond quicker if you email us at support studiosixdigital. As to the app, we have tested and built for the new devices, including iPhone XS Max I have one myself and if you are running the latest version, 4. The "image in a box" is due to Apple adding the notch and the thin action bar at the bottom.

We need to avoid those areas, and thus the app display auto-adjusts to avoid what Apple calls "safe areas'.