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BBEdit is worth every cent you pay for it. There are several web browsers available for the Mac.

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Since all of them deal with HTML in a slightly different way, it may be a good idea to get more then one of them and test your pages in more than one browser. You can type "perl -v" in the terminal to verify you have Perl and what version it is. For Mac OS 9 and older you can download Perl from this site:.

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These are some of the web browsers available for Windows. Since all of them deal with HTML in a slightly different way, it may be a good idea to get more then one of them and test your pages in all the browsers you have.

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Automatically uninstall Taco HTML Edit with MacRemover (recommended):

Free is always good! Update: Before anyone asks where RapidWeaver and Sandvox are, note that although they do have the capability to edit RAW HTML, they're both predominantly used to design new websites from scratch using built-in templates and then maintain those sites. Those two solutions were covered in my previous post, " Ten ways to replace iWeb and MobileMe hosting.

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  • Created by two ex-Apple engineers , it's gaining rave reviews and can be used to create animated websites. It's a code and text editor in the same vein as Coda.

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    MacRabbit's Espresso was a huge miss on my part. Good luck, Mickey! Buyer's Guide. Log in.

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    Sign up. Show More Results. Windows 10 preview tests password-free sign-ins. Apple quietly updates Macs to remove Zoom webcam exploit.

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    Zoom will remove server behind Mac webcam security hole. Latest in Featured.

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    3. Taco HTML Edit 3.0.7 – Full-featured HTML and PHP editor.
    4. No ads, no trackers, no strings attached — just awesome free stuff for your Mac.
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