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Only then could I hear the whirr of the fans.

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They are stunningly quiet, which was something the company strived for. Often times, the Mini is used in music studios or on film sets where loud fans aren't welcome. The internal speakers on the Mac Mini aren't very loud. If you're going to use this device to stream music or watch a lot of videos, I would suggest picking up some external speakers or headphones.

The internal speakers are designed for minimal use. Think system alerts and the occasional song. Ideally, the base model would forgo GB of storage. Most users can get away with half that amount on phones and tablets, but in a computer, GB isn't enough. I haven't installed everything I have on my iMac, because eventually, the Mini has to go back to Apple, and because I currently have about GB of storage in use. The Mac Mini should start at GB of storage, and allow the user to upgrade from there.

The Mac Mini uses Apple's new T2 Security Chip for secure boot, encrypted storage, and tasks such as system management controller, audio controller, and the SSD controller. Even though I've been testing the base model Mini for the past few days, I'm somewhat mesmerized by the device. I had always viewed the Mac Mini as a device that's better designed for use as a home server or a really powerful Raspberry Pi.

As my workload has gone back and forth between having to edit and render videos or spend a lot of time in Photoshop editing photos, I assumed the Mac Mini just wasn't capable of keeping up. And several years ago, I was probably right. The Mini was a solid computer, but not one for resource-intensive tasks. With this year's update and my own rudimentary tests, I have little doubt the Mac Mini is more than capable of keeping up with my workload, and more intense workloads.

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I downloaded a handful of videos, imported them into an iMovie project where I spliced, added effects, transitions, and even some slow-motion magic, and then exported my quick creation. The first video was around two minutes in length and exported at full p with best quality rendering in 1 minute and 20 seconds. I then lengthened the clip to over 17 minutes and exported with the highest settings possible, and it was done in just over 10 minutes, with a file size of That process took five minutes.

Indeed, using more in-depth programs like Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro would push the system a lot harder than I did, but my experience has left me impressed. With four Thunderbolt 3 ports, with which you can connect monitors, external GPUs, external hard drives, and a myriad of other peripherals that take advantage of a high-speed connection, and the option to upgrade to a 10GB Ethernet connection, which can be used to share the workload across multiple Mac Minis, it's hard to imagine that a professional photographer, video editor, or developer would be left feeling underwhelmed by the Mac Mini.

It's not just built for now, but built for use well into the future. Pro users often appreciate the upgradeability of computers, whether it's adding storage or more memory. Although the process of getting into the Mini, and doing it yourself isn't going to be easy. When I asked Apple about user upgrades, I was told the company views the Mini as a service upgradeable device -- meaning users should use a certified technician or Apple itself for any upgrades. That said, I would suggest waiting to see how difficult the upgrade is going to be once iFixit publishes its teardown and then decide which path you want to take.

Nevertheless, the option is technically there. It just depends on how comfortable you are with removing the base, cooling enclosure, and digging through the Mini's guts. Between the number of ports, the types of accessories those ports allow for, and the customization options, the Mac Mini is a computer that's no longer serving a niche market.

It's designed for all types of users, whether you want to use it as a server in your home, and set up more than one Mini as a set of servers to offload video encoding and code compiling. For the past four years, Mac Mini users have wanted more from the desktop-like portable computer. And with the model, Apple has delivered.

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Even the base model is something I could see myself using on a daily basis, and when I realistically look at my use, I'm not a "Pro" user. Love the product, speed and everything. I think this is a useful addition to my line of tech hardware at my home. Does it help me get things done? Does it make me entertained? Can I move it? Yes, but with more effort. First world problems, right? Other than that, I love how I can connect it effortlessly through my wireless speakers. I love practicing some yoga from YouTube videos and I can freely do so when I can hear the instructions clearly.

After months of nagging the company I work for to buy this for the HR department. Although a laptop is a cheaper solution, I proposed this is for a long term solution. We have a humongous screen at the board room so it makes our new recruits focused on what coming to them. We have a surplus of wireless keyboards here and mice so it just makes sense to operate it into the Mac mini. Best part? I love using this for parties since it can be connected wirelessly to my AirPlay speakers. It makes my preparations easier since I can access the internet and do my checklist on a large screen while sourcing out suppliers.

They say being housewife is easy but here I am taking advantage of the iMac to make this job easier. Not only can I make my kids settle down before breakfast by playing cartoons online, I can also keep them sleep by playing my YoutTube playlist of lullabies. HA, take that, kids. When the kids are asleep, its quality time for me and my husband when we watch movies via Netflix or Hulu. We always keep track of some series we managed to pick up from friends and social media. Other than that, we also… uh… hahaha. Easy come, easy go with the Mac mini! Connecting it to a projector, I get to show my audience a wider view on what I want to show them and interact with them on a one on one distance.

I also use it to present to the bosses especially when a big project is up for brain storming or evaluation. Connecting it to the Wi-Fi is easy so I can even show references for ideas through social media, YouTube, etc. We use it as a party projector on office movie nights and gaming. Mac Mini works best because it allows you to customize your own desktop, while being still able to experience the best of Apple.

This device is compatible with any brand of computer parts that I wanted to put on it. I tried different brands to test that and yes, it works nicely with my Mac Mini! Aside from the fact that it works with various brands and you could just use your preferred brand if not Apple, this Mac Mini is very affordable. The box cost something that lets you save more! I mean, you would still be having the same Apple experience, only with this little Mac Mini box with you, it would work.

Getting this Mac Mini from MacMall with great discount is also the best part in my online purchase. Also the time of the delivery of the shipment, because we need our devices the soonest time, MacMall delivers it on time. The quality of the device has never been put into question because my cousin and I saw that our orders were tightly sealed, and as of this very moment that I am using my desktop that is powered by Mac Mini while downloading a software, I tell you, Mac Mini is the low cost Apple desktop experience for everyone!

You let them watch the classics. I do that with the Mac mini. Came up to my manager, who thankfully share my deal and we agreed to pitch in to but a projector. I have a mac mini at home I rarely use, so I volunteered to lend it to the home so the elders can enjoy it instead.

Surprisingly, our patients are better now more than ever. We have movie nights daily and during the afternoon, we connect it to the wireless speakers and they do their ballroom. I love the mac mini. You know how the Mac pro is for artists and such?

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I think the Mac mini is for general use. I personally gave this product a try just because I was curious on why Apple decided to make this. It goes with most of the devices and equipment I have, and it gives me more options to enjoy what I want and experience the Mac system on a bigger system if I wanted to — which goes in between my small display monitor and my humongous HDTV in the living room.

It keeps me and my friends entertained on the weekend and it makes me more productive when I connect it into my wireless speakers. Some would think that this little box right here was just a box, without anything else on it. And for me whose only starting to live on my own, this piece is worth the purchase. I learned about Mac Mini while I was doing some research for the desktop that I am about to get for my own pad.

And I already got some computer parts which my Dad got me as his house-warming gift. So I decided to get a Mac Mini. Way to go, Mac Mini! For my dream desktop at my own home, I want it to be unique, simple yet have high-powered technologies and specifications that would make my work a whole lot comfortable to tolerate. Plus, I wanted to play with various brands as to the computer parts. Mac Mini is just a tiny piece of box-like device.

The device is very flexible because you could definitely place it anywhere in your home, just like what I did.

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Yet the best part of having this device is that it works best with a lot of applications plus, even if you wished to partner it with different brands of computer parts, everything would work perfectly! Mac Mini is the best desktop pc device for me! The Mac mini now boasts of more capabilities and features in its compact unibody frame. The base model of new Mac mini sports an eighth-generation Intel Core i3 processor, but you have the option to go one better and choose a 6-core Intel Core i7 processor. Learn about Mac service.

Have a new Mac? Get to know your Mac. Connect to displays. Use Ethernet with your Mac mini Learn about the Ethernet port on your Mac mini, and how to make the most of its speedy connection. Network with Ethernet. Connect your Mac mini to other devices If the cable from your external display, hard drive, or other device doesn't connect to the Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports on your Mac mini, you might need an adapter. Find the right adapter. Make sure your startup is secure With Startup Security Utility, your Mac mini always starts up from your designated startup disk, and always from a legitimate, trusted operating system.

Check your startup security. Give your graphics a boost Blackmagic eGPU connects to your Mac mini and brings accelerated pro app workflows, smoother gameplay, and true-to-life VR content creation. Learn about Blackmagic eGPU. Set up your new Mac Use these basic setup steps to get your new Mac up and running. Start setting up. How to move your content to a new Mac Use Migration Assistant to copy all of your documents, apps, user accounts, and settings to a new Mac from another computer. Move your content. Using a Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, or trackpad with your Mac Learn about connecting Bluetooth input devices to your Mac, and get tips for using them.

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Learn how to recharge. If your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard, or trackpad isn't working as expected Try these steps to fix issues with your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard, or trackpad.