Cant repair hard drive mac

Autumn X is a technology blogger who likes to explore latest tech trends. He has good technical knowledge and experience in Windows and Mac data recovery. EN FR. Store current Mac Data Recovery.

Three Ways to Fix Mac Hard Disk Failures - The Mac Observer

Windows Data Recovery. NTFS for Mac. Disk Utility can't repair external hard drive, how to repair it? Guide to repair external hard drive on Mac if Disk Utility can't repair it If Disk Utility can't repair external hard drive, it means external hard drive not mounted or external hard drive is not readable. I used the command to repair. Your blog guided me so well. Thank you so much for this information. Hi Monty, I am very glad, the information on our blog helps you to fix your problem. Keep reading new blogs for more. Unable to make a bootable USB installer for recovering corrupted Mac hard drive.

The process failed twice via Disk utility. Any suggestion?

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I need to recover my data from the SSD. Pls help.

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Please tell me some suitable suggestions. I have not written anything new on my hard drive. Since you have not overwritten any new files on the Mac drive, there is a high probability of deleted partition recovery.

Disk utility cannot repair external hard drive, what shoud I do now?

You can try Stellar Mac data recovery tool to recover your deleted BootCamp partitions. Give a try to this software and take the advantages of the powerful in-built features. This is an indication of hard drive directory corruption. Is my hard drive dying? You can also try third party disk repair permission software which repairs corrupt permissions on Mac OS X for free.

You need not require registration. How to free repair Mac disk permissions with Stellar Volume Repair utility. Hope this helps. Do let me know for further query. No it doesn support PowerPC. Somehow my secondary drive seems to have its file structure messed up error It refuse to remount for a while but it mounts on restart. Will this software help to restructure the disk?

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac helps you recovers your data from a hard drive that is unmounted or not showing up. It will not reconstruct the file structure but once you have recovered your files from the drive with Stellar then you can erase the drive. Erasing will help you create a new structure. Read this KB Hope this helps. Your email address will not be published.

Time limit is exhausted. Stellar Phoenix is now Stellar. MENU Close. Recently had one of the internal drives go bad and spent days recovering information stored on the disk. Since it's clear the internal drive has physical flaws, I purchased an external 4T G-Drive to use in place of the internal drive.

1. Try Safe Mode

During the recovery process, whenever I rebooted, I noticed a message about one of my external hard drives that said "OS X can't repair the disk "External A. Back up the disk and reformat it as soon as you can. I ignored this thinking it must be a mistake since that particular hard drive External A was not involved in the process on which I was working. So, finally the restoration of information to the brand new external G-Drive "External C" was completed.

How To Backup Files When Disk Utility Can't Repair Disk?

Upon checking each, I see the permissions are messed up. Both say that I can "only read" the drives. Not sure how that happened. Is this an easy fix? Since the G-Drive is brand new, I can't imagine that it's failing so the message to 'back up and erase' makes no sense to me. Posted on Nov 12, AM.

After such a long and arduous attempt to get disk permissions resolved, thought I'd post what finally worked:. Booted from a Disk Warrior CD and ran the "rebuild directory" option for each of the two disks that were locked. However, Disk Warrior is far more robust and got the job done. Posted on Nov 25, PM. Page content loaded.


After rebooting open Terminal in the Utilities folder. Paste these commands into the Terminal application to avoid typos:. Enter your admin password when prompted. It will not be echoed to the screen. I suggest you first print these instructions out using a large mono-spaced font so you can read them correctly. There are spaces in the lines that may not be easily observed. Nov 12, AM. Thank you for your considered response. Nov 12, PM. Followed your instructions precisely.

Dozens of lines appeared and it looks as if something failed:.