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I'm working on a document in Word 11 for Mac. I have multiple sections: one with no page numbers, one with lower-case roman numerals, and one with regular numbers. I can set these up easily.

Inserting Page Numbers in Word 2016 for Mac

Here's the issue : The numbers keep changing and doing wonky things when I leave the document and return and sometimes when I save the document. I've seen nothing about this issue. I'm working on a page mss for a client and am totally stuck on this. Any ideas? Last edited by Charles Kenyon; at PM.

Add or remove page numbers in Word for Mac

Reason: Modify title to clarify problem; mark as solved. Charles Kenyon Windows 10 Office If you can get the document onto a Windows machine with Word or later you can use Word Toolkit for Advanced Management of Word Headers and Footers to figure out what is happening. Otherwise, if you can post a portion of the document where the problem pops up here, someone can take a look at it. How to attach a screenshot or file in this forum. I suspect either a poorly-written Add-In or that you have the document set up to update styles from the template upon opening.

Those are guesses and probably not even close to accurate. They are things that can cause problems that occur when a document is reopened. In your case, the answer is "yes" just once, and that's the point where you need to insert a section break.

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If you need to start a new page within the same section, insert a page break. Page 7, page formatted as "Start at 1" in header or footer.

How to Add Page Numbers to a Microsoft Word Document

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Can someone please help me understand page numbers for Word on - Microsoft Community

Background image from Subtle Patterns. Step 2: Insert the Page Numbers Navigate to the first page you want numbered page 3 in my example. You can now update your contents page and it will refer to your shiny new page number format. Hire me to supercharge your Hadoop and Spark projects I help businesses improve their return on investment from big data projects.