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This is where I am. I can do web queries on Excel for Mac but I can't use the data unless 23 a and b are resolved. According to following your steps, it seems that the issue that data won't be automatically refreshed in the background and you don't know how to manually refresh the data without repeating steps occurs in current situation. So how about closing this file and opening it again? Does the data get refreshed? It may help. Here's my web page explaining how to make Web Queries for the Mac.

Sounds like you have this part down OK:. Making and using Excel Web Queries. Unhide it these directions work with all current versions of Mac OS.

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The 3 sample MSN queries don't work. You can trash them. The "Background query" thing has to do with if you have a really slow internet connection. It lets you do other things in Excel if your connection is slow like mine is at the moment. Notice the status bar says it is running the background query. To refresh a query manually, go to the Data tab of the Ribbon and click the Refresh button. You can also use a Macro to refresh your query using just about any criteria you can think of.

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I am an unpaid volunteer and do not work for Microsoft. We haven't hear back from you. May I know whether the data can be refreshed when you follow Jim's and our suggestions? Are you saying that the only way to get the "Refresh" button under "Data" to light up is if the queries are coming from the default "Queries-Office" file in the Library folder?

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Is this why my desktop ". Also, what about the autoformating issue? How can I get the data to autoformat rather than having to repeat the "Text to Columns"adjustment every time I download the data? Do you mean that all I have to do is to click anywhere on the "already downloaded and Text to Columns" adjusted data, and it will format properly? Finally, I don't know how to set up a Macro. Do you mean that I can download Web Query data directly into a Macro and refresh it from there anytime I want?

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The Refresh button on the Ribbon has two options. You can click the big part, which defaults to Refresh All queries in the workbook at once. Or, you can select a cell within a result set and choose the other option to refresh only the query having a cell selected in the result set. The right-click option also refreshes only the query for the data range that has the selected cell. Running Text-to-Columns is an action that has to taken by you, or you can use a macro to perform both the update and perform the subsequent Text-to-Columns actions.

I mean you can make a macro that runs your web query and performs the text-to-columns action anytime you want. So the answer to this is, yes. I'll see what I can do to help you get started on working with macros.

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You need to be able to get to the Visual Basic Editor easily. You do that by using the Developer tab of the Ribbon, which Microsoft hides because of reasons that make no sense to me. Here's how to turn the Developer tab on. Once you have the Developer tab turned on you will find a Record button. Click it once to start recording, then click it a second time to stop. I would start with that and record the actions of refreshing your query followed by text-to-columns. I suspect the tutorial you saw was for a Windows version of Excel. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us.

Patrick Matthews Commented: Rory is correct. When you paste Web page data into Excel, you can keep the data static or make it refreshable by clicking Paste Options and then clicking Create Refreshable Web Query.

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Right-click the Web page, and then click Export to Microsoft Excel on the shortcut menu. This displays the New Web Query dialog box. When you open an XML file, you have the option of applying one or more referenced stylesheets. In either case, the data is not refreshable. Learn More! Again, the page you linked to there is for Windows-based Excel. Excel for the Mac has some differences from the Windows version, and this is one of them. I split the points. I hope I was fair as you both contributed. I gave points rorya for responding first but wanted to make sure matthewspatrick is also rewarded for his time and information so I rewarded him points.

Seems fair to me. Glad to help :. Although importing stock quotes into Excel happened to be the reason I came across Excel web queries, I have since found many other ways to use them. It is not the web query itself that is the secret that this article is about. By dynamic , I'm not talking about using "refresh" to update the data. What I mean is the ability to change the parameters of the web query , such as typing in a new stock symbol into a cell and having the table update automatically.

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If you find yourself using the internet to gather data by filling out forms and copying and pasting data over and over, an excel web query might be the solution to your monotonous woes. It's not always going to be better, and it's not always going to work, but it's worth a try, especially since a simple web query could boost your productivity!

The real key to creating a dynamic excel web query is to create your own ". In it's basic form, the ". You can create the file using a simple text editor! Most text editors will save a new file with the. If it is already a.

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The third line is the important one! It's simply the URL or web page address. Notice that it contains two parameters. If you don't know what parameters are for, just browse the web for a while and pay attention to what shows up in the address bar of your browser.