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It can compatible with PC which is Windows or Mac system. What customers said: Q: Does this work with mac os mojave Q: would this work with a mac? A: It should, but I noticed that there is a difference between the Apple connectors and the what I would call "standard" connectors.

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I would contact the company to be sure. My tablet works well and with the proper connections, yours should as well. Q: Is this compatible with mac os x A: Yes. Q: Is it compatible with laptops? Like a surface pro, or a mac book?

A: I use mine with a Macbook Pro and it works just fine. Q: Does this work with mac os x Q: Does it work with apple products?

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Q: Can you connect your phone to this A: I don't think so because it only contains Windows and Mac software not Android or iphone. You might also like. Previous page. Best tablet for drawing. Best graphic tablets for drawing.

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  • Virtual Sliders Zoom in or change the brush size just by sliding your finger on the edge of the trackpad. Virtual Sliders Zoom in, change the brush size just by sliding your finger on the edge of the trackpad. Love working on the go? A full tablet experience Move your Pogo lightly around the trackpad to hover without inking. Apple Magic Trackpad 2. Click here. How do I install and run Inklet?

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    Step 2: Launch Inklet. You will see a black droplet on the toolbar in the upper right-hand corner or your screen. Inklet will run in the background while you go about your business elsewhere on your laptop.

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    Step 1: Open a drawing program such as Photoshop. Draw with your Pogo on the trackpad. If you don't have a Pogo, you can change the drawing tool to 'finger' in the Inklet drawing preferences.

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    Step 3: Move your Pogo lightly around on the trackpad to allow the cursor to hover without inking. Increase pressure to draw. Make sure you have a drawing program open under Inklet. Internet Android. Creative Buying Guides. Cartoonists and comic creators are moving away from traditional pen and paper. Today, artists can use graphic tablets which allow them to achieve the same results on their computers.

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    But which tablets and apps are right for you? Instead, set your sights a bit lower. Here are some devices for you to consider, each of which is aimed at a different subset of users and has a different price point. It lets you export your pen-on-paper doodles directly to your computer. It boasts an average of four stars from more than 1, reviews on Amazon. What's true for your desk also applies to your virtual workspace.

    Beginners Guide to Digital Art ( xp-pen to wacom, sketchbook pro to paintstorm studio, and more! )

    We show you how it matters. Read More. Much of your purchase decision will boil down to whether you would enjoy using the inch LPI screen.