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There are quotes and saying to enrich the specialty of images.

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You guessed it! The app lets you create awesome live wallpapers using GIFs and videos. It allows you to transform your burst shots into animated images as well. You can use the quick tools to edit live photos smartly. Choose from some nice custom layouts to adorn your images. And there is also an option to fine tune the playback speed. Featuring over elegantly crafted live wallpapers, this one is worth including in your exclusive collection.

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Having taken a close look at its offerings, I would like to share three things about this app. First and foremost, the wide variety of images from eye-popping fireplaces, candlelight, Christmas trees to the ever adorable beaches, the app has got a good mix of photos.

The second, the animated images boast the pro design that helps them catch attention immediately. And the third, the app is completely free unlike many of its counterparts. The app features automatic face landmark detection, and there is also a crop tool to let you remove the unnecessary portion of any photo. You can export your photos into Live Photos.

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With Facebook integration, it allows you to share your pics with friends. Assuming you have liked these apps. Which one have you picked for your device? Do let us know your valuable feedback in the comments below. Reviews Apps.

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Dhvanesh Adhiya. Last Updated: July 5, pm. Sponsored Links. He is passionate about wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life. Related Articles. With such a stiff competition between Smartphone manufacturers, consumers are already confused over which device to buy. On top of that, they are also Read more. We have reviewed many VPNs for Mac, and you already know that we choose only the best.

Just in case, if you haven't looked We've all been there: As the owner of three dogs, I can tell you that taking care of them is no easy task. Capturing 4K videos using your iPhone isn't a big deal. The real pain is editing those video to make them appealing to your viewers Walli is an app that prides itself on not being Unsplash. Not that Unsplash is a bad service by any means, but Walli believes many apps simply recycle the same style for their wallpaper offerings.

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Not Walli. This app works with artists to design wallpapers exclusively for smartphones and devices. That means you're bound to find plenty of wallpapers here you won't see anywhere else.

Better yet, you can tap the artist of your selected wallpaper to see all wallpapers of theirs on Walli. It's just another way to find more wallpapers that match your particular style. Looking for something a little dramatic?

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Vellum 's selection is comprised of beautifully crafted photographs and artwork, usually with a dark, crisp tone. Vellum pulls images from third-party sources, so you will see Unsplash here. That said, it's only one of many services providing excellent choices to Vellum users.

When you find a photo you like, Vellum gives you the option to blur it, if you'd like your apps to have a more pronounced focus on the home screen. You can even preview what a wallpaper will look like on both a lock screen and home screen without actually having to download it. If you have hometown pride, you might want to check out Atlas.

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The app is unlike any on this list, as it doesn't include a collection of photographs and artwork. Rather, the app generates a map of any town, city, or area of the globe for you to use as a wallpaper.


Talk about unique. You can either enter a location in the search bar, tap the location icon to choose your current location, or pinch and zoom on the map itself to choose your area. Then, you can choose a color scheme for your wallpaper. OLED-based iPhones looks great with black backgrounds and colored lines.

Talk about control. Patternator is a wallpaper app that lets you create patterned wallpapers in a flash. Not only can you use the app's own GIFs and objects to create patterns with, but you can also use your own photos as well.