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The instructions below are useful for Mac users who have purchased the iPrivacyTools service, but don't want to use our Firefox software. However, if you don't want to perform this tedious process, we recommend that you install our convenient IP changing software.

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  • 2. Mask your IP address with Proxies!

Please note that "hiding" your IP really amounts to changing it, or "masking" it will a second IP that is not your own. It would not be possible to surf the Internet without any IP address at all, as that is how websites and other services know how to route your requests web pages.

Download free VPN trial for Mac

For Safari instructions, skip down to Step 4. These can be obtained from free websites one example is here or from a paid service like ours.

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If you choose to use free settings to hide your IP on Mac, be aware of their risks. In addition to being rather unstable slow , free proxies are usually not compatible with SSL pages AND it is quite difficult to know who is operating them.

Lightning Fast Proxy for Mac

In other words, risk of your data being intercepted by someone with ill intent is significant. Therefore, free settings are probably fine if you're just surfing around viewing pages for fun. Fully SSL compatible proxy setting may be obtained from a service like ours visit our homepage , or from others on the Internet. Be sure to delete your browser cookies before surfing, as cookies are another tracking method used by many websites and marketers. On Firefox step 3, you can tick "No proxy". A "how to" provided by iPrivacyTools. On the first dropdown menu of Firefox, select Preferences.

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Go to the " Advanced " tab, then click the " Network " tab. By hiding your IP address, you can keep people from identifying your geographical location or keep advertisers from tracking your online activity. A VPN virtual private network is a service that routes your Internet activity through their servers first. They encrypt your data and assign it a new IP address to mask yours.

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You can even get an IP address assigned to you from another country. VPNs are a great option for hiding your IP address and protecting yourself from hackers, and they do it all without slowing your Internet speeds. A proxy server is a lot like a VPN. It serves as an intermediate point between you and other websites so that you can use their IP address when accessing the web.

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