How to install ram in mac mini mid 2011

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Can install 16 GB ram 1600 MHz for Mac Mini Mid 2011?

Matched pairs are ideal, but the difference is super minimal. A more important thing to know is that if you install two sticks of RAM which are rated for different speeds, your computer will operate all RAM at the speed of the slowest stick. You have permission to edit my answer significantly to add your benchmark.

Also, feel free to add your answer and select it over mine. Great work documenting to others how to get an actual benchmark. But I did not so people will just have to take my word for it, or run their own benchmarks. Ok I downloaded XBench. I ran four memory tests with 4 GB and four memory tests with 6 GB.

I put it all in a spreadsheet, did the math, and here's the result: The RAM speed was a statistically insignificant 1. Medical School or Games Industry?

Mac mini Mid RAM Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

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Mac Mini 2011 Hard Drive & RAM Upgrade

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We recommend getting help from an expert as it requires taking out the screen and you could possibly destroy your computer if something wrong happens. Mac Mini Early Mac Mini Mid With these easy installation links, you can upgrade the memory of your Apple Mac all by yourself.

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The instructions are accompanied by pictures, so it should be pretty straightforward. If you think it could be beyond your comfort level or skill level, just contact your local Mac support person.

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They'll be able to install the ram for you.