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Word users often create printed fill-in forms that include underlined blanks spaces for writing in form data. Leader tabs make it easier to create even lines, as well as saving keystrokes, but you're limited to four underline styles. Check out the Microsoft Word archive and catch up on other Word tips.

Help users increase productivity by automatically signing up for TechRepublic's free Microsoft Office Suite newsletter, featuring Word, Excel, and Access tips, delivered each Wednesday. Using the Underline button to underline tab characters gives you all the advantages of leader tabs with a wider choice of underline styles.

Digitally sign a Word document on MAC.

For example, say you have used tabs to lay out your form, as shown in Figure A. Figure A To create the lines, just follow these steps. Editor's Picks. Note: If the image is grayed out, it means the signature is a file format your word processor doesn't support. Word is pretty accommodating, open source alternatives may be more restrictive.

If your image file format is not supported in your word processing program, open your signature in your photo editing software and save it as another file format. JPEG should work fine for this purpose.

How to Draw Lines and Shapes in Office for Mac - dummies

Your image will now appear somewhere near where your cursor was. It has probably caused portions of the page to reflow, move or shift in some aesthetically unpleasing way. Depending on how the page is formatted, it may look acceptable or it may look more like the example below. Image imported. Double click the signature to pull up the Format Picture dialog box. Your dialog box may look different than the image below.

Create blank lines in a printed Word form the easy way

Format Picture Layout options. When you make edits, in the dialog box, you'll see changes happening on the page. Do not be alarmed if your picture jumps around even if it's not in you view at that moment. Click OK to continue. Find your signature on the page. Mine jumped down to the bottom.

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Remember what I said about Word being a not-good tool for layout? This is a good example.

Add a Signature Line to a Document - Word 2010

Why changing the wrap should send the image hurtling to the bottom of the page is beyond me, but there it is. Signature on the loose. Move your cursor over the signature, click it and drag it into position.

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  • In Word, I place it just above the signature line so that it doesn't overlap. You can drag the corner of the signature, holding down your SHIFT key so it doesn't distort, to adjust its size on the page. Signature in the right place, at the right size. Depending on how your contract is formatted, the underlines may be created by applying an underline style, adding an underline to a tab stop or by typing an underscore repeatedly.

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    I find the last used most often so that's what's in our sample contract, but in any of those cases, you'll probably need to include the date and your name somewhere. Unless someone has made an interactive form, there's really no pretty way to handle this short of reformatting someone else's file so I usually just settle for the"good enough" solution that follows.

    Select enough underscore characters to accommodate the date. Selected underscores. Type in the date. If you removed too many underscores, you can simply type additional ones in. If you didn't select enough underscores and some have jumped to the next line, just delete them. Add your name.

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    You can email your contract back as is, or save it as a PDF if you prefer. Personally, I'd rather send a PDF which can be locked so that the signature file cannot be reused. It's not a foolproof plan but handing a high quality picture of your signature off to someone you barely know, just seems a little unwise.

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