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Gorgeous you! Fab shade! Looks nice on you but on my nc skintone, the shade is a head turner. It resembles a lot like Men Love Mystery shade,.. My sister love that shade,… Nice review,.. Awesome shade.

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No doubt its always out of stock. This is one shade which is not easily dupable. Like you mentioned the shade really is gorgeous and bright. Your email address will not be published. You may also like MAC M. Lip Pencil- Plum: Review, swatches. Ritu says: Posted on September 22, at pm. Sarita Singh says: Posted on September 21, at pm. This shade looks fabulous on you ritu..

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Rajni says: Posted on September 21, at pm. Shilpa Shetty says: Posted on September 22, at pm.

The applicator — which is one of the most important factors, second only to the formula — is a high-quality, traditional doe foot shape that swiped on easily. I used the pointy tip to line, then filled in my lip. After four hours, my lips still looked great with a bit of fading in the center. There was no flaking or bleeding, but they got a bit uncomfortably dry after three hours. Available in 22 shades.

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I'm calling it a "hairy diamond bike seat" because it has an indentation in the middle; it was definitely the easiest to maneuver. This is a creamier formula that has a mild chemical scent with vanilla undertones. It was a bit streaky to apply, particularly in the more vibrant shades, but it stayed on a solid four hours. Although, it started to feel dry after about three hours. Available in 15 shades. The creamy formula is almost mousse-like, and the pleasant minty scent is the best of the bunch.

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This one lasted a whopping five hours with some central lip fading, but I'd call it a 5 out of 10 on the dry and uncomfortable scale — pretty livable. Available in 13 shades. The scent is fruity but not offensively so. It didn't last as long as the pricier brands; after about two and a half hours it had worn into a stain. However, it was much more comfortable than the higher-end options, so I guess less longevity is the trade off for comfort.

Available in 10 shades. It comes in a whopping 43 shades, and this is the place to go for unusual colors, including matte metallics. The formula is creamy, smells like cookie dough and comes with a traditional doe foot applicator. It flaked and pilled a bit towards the end of the four hours, but never felt too uncomfortable. Bonus: I found my favorite shade of the whole lot here — Pasadena, a dusty mauve. It has a standard doe foot applicator, the color lasted about three hours and wasn't too drying.

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Like the L'Oreal lipstick, this wasn't as long-lasting but was relatively comfortable. It came off gradually on coffee cup lids over the course of the day, but it dried quickly after application. Available in 34 shades. In fact, the most popular colors are frequently sold out.

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It has a fluffy doe foot brush and was the most watery of all the formulas. The smell is awful — perhaps this description won't be helpful, but I used to be a nurse and this smells exactly like liquid penicillin, which is not a pleasant scent.

It dried quickly and did not budge. After three and a half hours, I had to take it off because it felt really dry, though I'm pretty confident it would have gone the distance. Available in 21 shades. It has decent payoff and was opaque with one layer, applied with a doe foot. It dried instantly with no residue on my straw or coffee cup.

At four hours, it was still looking pretty good, but felt dry. The scent was mildly chemical with sweet undertones. Available in 28 shades. I could not place the scent, so I asked my year-old son and he thought it smelled like a mixture of cinnamon and coffee, which is as good a description as any.

The color only lasted about three hours and felt dry after two. I'd qualify it as better than a regular lipstick but not as long lasting as some of the liquids here. It has a classic doe foot and a fairly watery formula. It took a few coats to become opaque, but it dried almost instantly. After two hours it got a bit flaky and was coming off in the middle of my lips, but it still looked good.

After three hours it felt dry. Available in 43 shades. I'm sure that would be longer with proper lip liner use.