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It puts you into the fully destructible world where you can create and destroy everything. Use different types of material to build a house, building, and structure. It unlocks further content as you progress in the game. Use your wits and unleash your creativity. Manic Digger offers the similar gameplay to Minecraft. It has a variety of levels and the game become more challenging as you progress in it. Your character can move freely and can run and jump. Craft useful items and use them during gameplay.

Immerse yourself in the First-person experience. Manic Digger is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.

Digger is the classic arcade game remastered for your Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Mac OS. The game lets you be part of a virtual world by selecting and customizing an online avatar for yourself, explore an open world, interact with a lot of online players, play games together, make friends online and focuses on your creative and building abilities by manipulating the blocks and create whatever you want. Castle Story Castle Story is an amazing voxel based sandbox and survival video game that takes you to an amazing strategically enhanced and quite adventurous game-play.

Just like a lot of other sandbox games, Castle Story allows you to explore a massive 3D game world in which you can gather resources, destroy and build different structures etc.

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The game offers an action packed First person perspective and allows you to explore a ridiculously huge game world, craft different items like weapons, buildings, farms, etc. Show Details. The game is set in medieval era and allows you to build a castle for yourself, make it a stronghold against the invading armies, train massive amounts of troops and engage in bloody wars against your enemies.

Blockland Blockland is an MMO, voxel-based sandbox video game set in a world made of Lego building blocks. Blockland is an open world game with no such goals and allows you to roam freely in the game world, gather resources, build structures as you like them to be and fight off your enemies. Starbounds fixes you up into the character of the protagonist who flies from his planet and crashes on another. The Simulation actually lets you be an in charge of a whole big Dwarf Society that with time changes into a fully developed community.

The game mostly resembles Minecraft, Team Forest and Brick Force and derives a lot of characteristics from them. Cubic castle is a freemium MMO and Sandbox video game that lets you build your own realm in a 3D game world with the help of cubes. The first option is for the original game and will simply be named "Blade Runner"; we're mainly interested for your feedback for this version of the game, since it is considered feature complete.

The other option is for importing the game with restored content and is named "Blade Runner with restored content"; this version is still work-in-progress and not yet complete. If you're testing this version please specify it explicitly in your feedback and bug reports. If your version of the game is not supported, please create a feedback report with MD5 so that we can add support for it.

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It's always exciting to see the wide variety of devices that are able to run your favourite adventure games thanks to ScummVM. Today, we are proud to announce that the number of devices has grown again by the immediate availability of ScummVM for the Nintendo Switch!

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In order to run ScummVM on your Switch, you need a modded console that's able to run homebrew software. Don't worry - there's plenty of documentation about enabling homebrew on the Nintendo Switch available online. This new port already has it's own page in our wiki. You should definitely have a look on the wiki page since it contains lots of useful information on how to use ScummVM on the Switch. If you have any further questions regarding this port, feel free to visit our forums.

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Our buildbot is already providing development versions for the Nintendo Switch. Go grab them while they're hot! We are always thrilled to explore new ways to bring our community closer together. Today, we are proud to announce our next step in this journey - we are now present on Discord!

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No matter if you just want to hang around with the ScummVM community or to discuss the latest development, this is the new! Please note that despite the introduction of the new Discord server, our Forums and IRC channel on the Freenode network are still available and we have absolutely no plans to disable them in the future. Last week Google announced the accepted projects for this year's Summer of Code. We are pleased and excited to say that ScummVM will be mentoring four students this year. All four of them will work on game engines:.

Please welcome with us our four adventurous students for what we hope will be a productive and interesting summer!