My mac is frozen on the blue screen

If all the above solutions dont work, a faulty video chip driver, bad nvidia gpu chip or ram can cause these issues, although bad ram normally produces beeps upon startup. Had this problem after running CleanMyMac3. Ran through all four solutions which did not work. Looked on another forum and found a modification to the fourth solution. Once you reach the point where your screen goes dark and you see the cursor, type the first letter of the username for your computer, then hit Enter, then type your password, then hit Enter.

The blind password solution requires entry of the first letter of your username, then return, then entry of your password. The username step was missing above. I did not know my username, but I entered each key on the keyboard and the wrong keys gave a beep, when I hit the correct key, there was no noise autofill. Then I hit return and entered the password. In my case, the screen works until after I login, then it turns black. If I hold down option and restart into recovery mode, the screen works fine. I tried the PRAM and the brightness and other things, nothing works. If that works, then create a new user account from within Safe Mode, and then reboot and log in as normal into that new user account.

Thank you so much! The key press suggestion worked wonders when I really thought my computer was a lost cause :. Before doing SMC or PRAM reset, I tried the last step entering your password and hitting return nothing worked unitl enter the password in the black screen.. Thank you thank you. None of the solutions worked for me but here is my solution. Turn on the computer and wait couple of minutes, then close the screen lid and wait about seconds.

Open the lid and the password screen would be right in front of you. This is what I did and it works. None of the three suggested solutions worked for me. What did work was unplugging my laptop and run down the battery overnight. Next morning I pressed the power button and the battery indication came up on screen. I plugged it, pressed power and voila. I was worried and started to search for solution. I have tried to start my MacBook pro with those solution but none of them were working. When I tried your solution my MacBook pro start. Thanks again Keep it up guys.

I had the black screen happen in the middle of searching the internet.

Macbook Pro A1286 Late 2010 Blue Screen with Black Vertical Lines on Boot up

I tried restsrting it a few times, and then I found your article. I read through the comments, tried all the suggestions -even hugging my laptop to warm up. When it booted up — the apple logo!!!! I am so relieved!! I am a college student and I can not afford the Mac stores fix prices let alone a new laptop. Omg some combo of the above listed solutions just worked for me so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Before black screen would come on, it was updating software. Finally finished updating after PRAM reset.

Battery charger remained yellow until PRAM too. Then it finished with an install 15 min left. Mine must have crashed in the middle of an OS Installation. When it finally turned on it was finishing the install 15 min remaining. Working fine now for over a week. I found a video instructing to gently press the black strip at back of laptop when laptop is closed, which DID help enough for the screen to flash on and off, or be fully dimmed but slightly readable none of this was easy.. Cheers for this solution page :. Thanks so much! I was having a panic attack about my mac possibly dying on me and this worked instantly!

None of the previous methods worked for me by its own. This has already happened to me 2 times so I will tell you what I have done, I do not know what part of the process is what really works but it works. My symptoms were: I turned on the mac and it sounded but nothing appeared on the screen. So: 1. Try the 4 steps given in this forum at the beginning.

Go to the safe mode for this to turn on the mac and then press SHIFT immediately , sign up and try to adjust the brightness manually in settings, also try to change the screen used tv vs mac and try again and again to change the colors of the screen and connect and disconnect the HDMI. My symptoms Battery went flat. I connected charge, started charging and pressed power on with charger connected charging successfully.

No matter what I did I was back to same scenario after about 20 varied attempts. The keyboard was illuminated the first couple of times but then was not after the first few attempts. I read here that booting may have been completed so on a whim I connected external monitor. The resolution was wrong but after disconnecting the external monitor it went back to correct resolution.

Came for more of an explanation of what went on, having already figured out my macbook was on but the display was black. I tried logging in and it worked! So an upvote for that solution anyway. I love forums. I have a MacBook Air. Over the past couple days I noticed if I just had my laptop away and unplugged from the TV my screen would be almost black. My F2 and F3 buttons would sporadically work.

Bippity Boppity Boo. She is running like a pro again on both screens I am mirroring them at the moment. Thanks so much for putting this together! Saved the day! A big kiss from france since the keypress sequence solved my problem, which was completly unexpected. I tried all possible ways and nothing works for my macbook retina display What can I do? I dropped my macbook and then got the black screen problem.

I closed the laptop, flipped it over, and mashed on the upper right corner. All fixed! I never usually leave comments of articcles, but this saved my day. This morning I tried to turn on my MacBook but the screen was black. I freaked out and immediately searched online, found this article. Option 1 worked for me, thank you so much! I had the Black Screen issue then flickering lines. Did all the solutions posted on many sites and none worked. My mackbook Pro is now working again without screen issues.

Hope this helps. My MacBook Pro is all black too. Did somebody lose theirs? Thank you. My mac book pro was on when I closed the screen and kept it for about a day or two without using it. I opened it and hit the power button. I did a hard shut down and rebooted the system. On pressing the power button, all I could hear is a boot sound and the screen is black with no keyboard light.

I tried rebooting it with no success. I connected it to my LG tv using the hdmi cable and found that the system was actually booting successfully but the screen wont display. However, the keyboard light was back. I then try the Pram reset as demonstrated in a video on u-tube by pressing the command, option, R, P and power button together until I heard two boot sounds, then released the buttons at once. I heard a third boot sound as mentioned in the video. It still did not work. I kept the system for about three days trying to figure out what to do.

Then just about now I tried the pram reset again as described here. I press the power button and after the booting sound I pressed command, R, option buttons then the screen just resume before I press the P button. I think the Pram reset would have work for me the first time if I had done it as described here. Thanks a lot. Thank you!!!! I tried everything and nothing worked. I know there is nothing wrong with the screen since I Frankensteined it with a Mac a year newer and it worked perfectly.

Also mine flashed the two times I rebooted it before I got the black screen. I tried all the different tips but it seems like PRAM worked. I heard the reboot sound twice but the screen was still black. So I hit the power button and suddenly light appeared! I also removed a sticker in front of the webcam because I saw people here wrote about brightness and I wondered if it was unable to adjust properly, so whether it was the sticker or PRAM not sure. Then, my computer rebooted and it worked! I tried all of these and none of them worked!

I fell asleep while holding my laptop and it was still open. I freaked out. I tried closing it and opening it, no luck. I tried plugging it in and pushing the power button. I heard the chime noise but just a black display. When I look at the Apple logo on the back, it lights up but, just a black screen. Please, please, please help me!! Very relived! I told them no way… I went outside and goggled my possible options and sure enough there was a feature in settings that was off and should have been on and it cost me zero dollars to fix it.

Second was this item apple wanted dollars up front to diagnose a problem once again they wanted my money…. RE: I found a similar fix. Had someone call my phone — which is tied to my iCloud account on the laptop. As soon as they hung up, the screen turned back on. This seems like a stretch, but it did really work for me. I had tried many other things to no avail…. This worked for us. We laughed at the idea of trying it but thought what the hell and it worked after i then pressed the power button once.

Thank you!! The 3rd option worked for me on the second attempt. This has happened once before as well, it seems to happen when I shit down my laptop overnight vs letting it sleep. So grateful, thank you!! This happened to me as well. It turned into a black screen. Then I forced a re-boot; still black. So I forced it to reboot a couple times…. Eventually after about failed reboots, it worked fine. My MacBook Pro is a i7 2,7gig dual-core processor, Inted HD graphic card, 4gb of RAM, gb standard harddisk; loads of plug-ins pro audio plug-ins to be exact , heavy profesionnal applications, gamin clients, etc — but the hardisk is hardly two thirds full!

Another fix is to boot while holding down the option key, those lets you select which drive to boot from. Simply repointing the boot to MacHD caused it to boot properly the next time. Thanks for the great article! I accidentally let my Macbook Pro run completely out of power on the battery. I knew my black screen was a software related backlight issue.

I made it through step 1 and 2 with no success and then tried shining a flashlight through the Apple logo on the back side of the screen. Sure enough, I saw my user icon, clicked it, entered my password, and everything came back just fine. Sounds like step 3 would have probably worked too…but sometimes a flashlight helps :. Symptoms: black display, no startup chime, apple logo on back of display not illuminated, keyboard backlighting not working, and caps lock key not lighting up. All keys were unresponsive and I could only hear the HD spinning if the computer was on.

So after forcing power off by holding the power butter I tried turning on power and immediately closed the laptop case. After 30 seconds or so the apple logo lit up. I waited a few more seconds, opened the laptop and like magic everything was working again.

Was then easily able to reset PRAM and even got the startup chime working again. Happened to me Easter weekend — The third worked for me but I did it 2 or 3 times then closed the lid and waited a few minutes. Was starting to have a mild panic attack, since I could not get the laptop to start in either Safe or Recovery Mode or, it may have, but the screen was still black, so not the solution, clearly. I had to reset the PRAM twice, to get the screen to come up, but that fixed the issue.

Start up the mac hear the chime 2. After about 30 seconds you will be at the login screen. Close the laptop lid to put the macbook into stand by mode. After 40 seconds open the lid and force shut down by holding the power button for 10 seconds. Press the power button and the screen should function as normal. Problem: black screen and could when I reset the SMC a screen would come up, but normal boot was a black screen.

The thing that seems to work the quickest, and the most times for me, is a 2nd screen. Use the HDMI port on the side of you mac and plug it into an external monitor. The external monitor will show your macs contents. Log in and wait a few seconds. Once in, just unplug the external from the Mac and your screen and your screen should work again. This is a software issue and I have ran into it multiple times with different systems.

That seems to work. I have never had any of the other options work except the blind log in. That gets tricky if you have more than one user because you do not know which user you are on or you must first click a user. Finally, I unplugged the power cord and turned on the the blank screen and let the battery run down completely. I plugged it back in on the power source, and within 1 hours, the computer came on by itself.. I have seen others with similar experience, so this was not an original idea. I first tried all the options but none of them worked.

I then tried SMC again and held a bit longer this time more like 10 seconds. Then released and same time and pressed power button and bam. Resetting the PRAM worked like a charm, I appreciate so much taking your time to write this post and sharing your knowledge. I tried many things and nothing worked, until I simply entered my password and hit enter! I waited for a bit and then the screen turned on! Thanks a ton! After a lot of trial and error what worked to get rid of the black screen of death on my MacBook Pro was the following:. Hold power button until you hear the chime… Immediately plug in the power adapter at the sound of the chime.

I tried both the new password for the new computer and the old password on it. My apple ID is the same for both computers insofar as the email address. This is the Imac running Sierra, 8 yrs. I bought a new Imac. It also makes funny noises now, so must be hardware. Nothing helped for me on top. But i solved it differently and i guess it has to do with booting with my usb stick connected in.

It somehow stuck and the black scrern never gone away even after all solutions and restarts. So i choose to boot in recovery mide option R. Reinstalled Sierra on top of old System. I rebooted and it worked again. Then i saved all my files. Downloaded fresh new sierra from appstore.

Made a new usb stick of it. Then i booted into it and wiped the old system wholy and reinstalled a fresh copy of sierra and all important apps i need mostly for now…. So…my theory is that the black boot screen is just your password screen and if you treat it as such, you will get in! On a whim, I tried just typing in my system password onto the blank screen and it then just came to life. No idea what happened, but very relieved to see the screen light up. I do not know why and how but my screen is back! Hey guys.. Thanks for all the tips!

I tried all 3 and none worked. When scrolling through the comments I saw something about trying to log into iCloud. So I clicked around until I saw the blinking type key pop up and I typed in my password. I can see my screen again. This happened after I put my macbook to sleep. Tried first 2 solutions, did not work.

Step 2: Safe Boot

All I could see whenever I restart or reboot is the login screen. It opened a new window to login to my itunes account to reset to a new password. When new password is in changed, the screen came back as usual. I tried all the usual pram smc resets without success. In the end I shined a torch through the apple logo on the lid of my computer. I saw the login box faintly through it and then I logged in as normal and my MBP came alive again and the black screen disappeared.

PRAM reset worked for me after I got the black screen following a software update. Thanks a million!!!! I tries all of the above with no luck. Funnily, what worked was to leave it on while the screen was black, close the lid and then open the lid again. Thanks for these great tricks. Of course I was feeling bummed and thought about going to the Apple Store but your help allowed me to fix it myself. The first two suggestions did not work but luckily the last one did! Thank you!!! I repeatedly tried all the options listed above to no avail. I finally booted in Safe Mode hold Shift for a few seconds while pressing the Power button just once.

In a Guest user session, I performed a quick scan of the system with Disk Utility, and finally I enabled FileVault in Preferences which prompted a reboot that took me back to normal. After none of the 3 options worked, I turned my MacBook Pro back on and as soon as I got back to having a black screen with just the cursor , I just clicked on the screen any place should work then blindly typed in my password and hit enter.

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Hope this helps at least one person. I just did bootcamp before this happened so i thought i messed up my HD. Thank you so much. The last one worked after multiple attempts. As someone else mentioned you need to do it precisely before the screen light comes on right with the second chime. It was as if there was something blocking the login screen.

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  • Guys you are awesome. You have taken a huge weight off on shoulders.

    The third method worked perfectly on my MacBook Air. Thanks agin. I own a late MBP. My screen was black but I could hear the startup chime. I tried all 3 of your options to no avail. I knew my monitor was not simply too dark because I have it hooked up to an external monitor as well.

    As soon as I unhooked it my screen showed up.

    Troubleshooting case: Fixing a blue screen issue in OS X

    I hope this helps someone else. Simply un-connect everything. My girlfriends macbook pro had this happen. I could log in but then the screen was black. Checked all the basics, screen brightness etc. Did not fix. After all those I simply plugged the mac into the printer she had been using and the screen came back on. Not sure exactly the glitch, was trying to find a external monitor chord to try but couldnt find it so tried to USB and hey it worked.

    None of these worked for me… Finally got the display back on by simply shutting the lid and reopening it…. I had the problem of my mac starting and the screen being blank but with the longer showing. I could 4 finger scroll and the dock would appear then disappear as soon at I moved the pointer.

    Simple fix was restart to the black screen and type my password in and hit enter. It worked. It looks like the login screen was there. It not showing. Needed to type my password only ONCE! The Pram reset plus typing my password in randomly when the black screen came back, as a comment above suggested worked. It is three days until Christmas and buying a new computer was not in the Christmas budget. After many failed attempts, I turned on the Mac. It loaded and the black screen was still there.

    I then took a shot in the dark and typed in my password to login. The screen flickered on and then quickly back to black. Then I typed in the password again and the screen came back to life!!! Maybe the 3 steps did help it? But if all else fails, I recommend doing all three steps and then trying anything you can on the keyboard. After reading various articles I relaxed a little as it was unlikely to be a hardware problem, and I tried different combinations of connections during startup. Situation: — keyboard lights up — apple logo not lighting up — OS is loaded as i can press keys and get audio error response.

    What worked for me was: — Hard shutdown hold down power for 5 seconds — disconnect power — disconnect cinema display — hit power then quickly close the lid — wait a couple of mins — open lid DISPLAY!! That thing of closing laptop right after pressing ON button worked! I was getting crazy because none of the others sugestions worked! I tried the four given solutions multiple times, and I was going to give up until I read this post and thought, what do I have to loose?

    I turned on the computer, shut the lid quickly, and opened it. Actually, I did this twice. The second time it worked. I did notice that my Macbook pro decided it was dark enough to turn on the keyboard lights, and my screen — though still black — was brighter. And closing the opening the lid a couple of times. This was a lifesaver, thanks!!!!! Had to go all the way to the third trick, but it worked!!!! Well done and save myself a trip to Genius Bar!!! None of this stuff worked for me. So I booted to safe mode.

    Went in under a guest. Set the login options so that it does not auto-login. Logged out and rebooted. Booted to a nice login screen where I was able to login successfully and use my computer again. Apple is the worst. I have a late , MacBook Pro. Thanks for the advice.

    Also, I have been greeted by a black screen before only to realize I had turned the brightness all the way down lol!! I tried all the options except the dropping of the device macbook air. I have dropped iPads before to get the screen working. Anyways, on this Macbook Air which I had connected to an external monitor, I went into displays and opened the arrangement tag and changed the white bar from one monitor to the next to make the external monitor my primary monitor. Suddenly my screen came to life, after sitting here writing this up for a couple of minutes the screen went black again, I thought it may have just gone to sleep, but no….

    What a nightmare with the back screen!!! I have macbook pro and PRAM method worked. Thank you very much! Then, I tried again; this time making sure to unplug at first, then plugging it back in before turning it on. Then I made sure to press all the keys at the same time and it worked :.

    It has been 1 month or 2 that I have this problem regularly. Today, none of these solutions worked…. What worked: press CMD-S when your mac is booting. You will see code appear yeah, the screen is still alive! It will restart your computer and hopefully bring your screen back to life. This came about from trying to troubleshoot a FileVault password issue where the keyboard and mouse became unresponsive on boot up while asking for a password.

    It was here the user held down the power button which caused the black screen problem. So what I did is first shift, control, option and power then when I pressed the power button immediately did the third step before the usual sound and it worked. Thank you to whoever is credited on this. None of the options worked for me, any advice on what to do, i go so many files and documents i want to access from my mac book pro. MacBook Pro 17, Black screen on recovery from hibernate mode and from restart after being turned off.

    Mahdi you saved my life! I know that sounds a little dramatic. Tried all these options and nothing worked! Turns out somehow the display brightness was just all the way down which keeps the display off! I was scared there!!! Pram reset worked!! Thanks to the article writer and everyone on this thread!!!

    The first option worked for me! I rescheduled for another, in the meantime I decided to google the problem. This website was the first option! I am so excited to see my computer come back to life. Saved me money and time! Third method worked but it took me times repeating the procedure. What happened what the second chime did not happen until the very last try.

    Thank you very much. The second option worked. This was after I tried all three options few times. The 3rd option I think set it up as immediately afterwards I tried the 2nd option and it worked!!!!. I dug a little deeper and found information about the display cable and that it can become loose. I simply tapped on the bottom of my MacBook a few times in the position of the cable and suddenly, there was life! Used the PRAM solution and it worked! Any help would be appreciated. So grateful for this post. I was panicking.

    The 1st solution worked for me. Pressing shift, control, option, and power button at same time for a few seconds. Then, turning comp back on. Everything is back to normal. I got the dreaded black screen on my MacBook Pro purchased None of 3 solutions worked for me after several attempts and reading suggestions provided. I contacted Apple Support who for the most part had me do the same things but none worked. The Support Tech was kind enough to help me schedule an appointment at my local Apple Store and got me in the same day. Again no luck at the store but my screen was beginning to get more white screen when rebooted to the point of a scrambled like screen this was about 6 hours after getting nothing but black.

    Prior I would get a white screen for a second at reboot and the it went black where it stayed. Being an older laptop I have been already having problems with it. My main concern was my photos and videos which he was able to show me that they were still there by connecting to another Mac laptop. His suggestion was transferring my files to another Mac device which I do not have and would need to purchase.

    It seems to be working fine but believe me the first thing I did was run backup! Just be aware you do want an appointment if you go to store…they are known to be booked up to 2 weeks at my location. Sometimes it works and I use my MacBook with no immediate problems and then it just goes back to black screen again. This is so frustrating. I should have kept my old non-apple laptop. I called Apple Support. They got me loading OSX Yosemite or something.

    The loading bar says it would take 1 hr and 40 mins but suddenly I heard a chime. Guess what? Black screen again with my MacBook running. The Apple Support person closed for the day while I was still loading the software. I need my MacBook. Can anyone help please? In a past PRAM work but not this time, none of the suggestions worked. I thought all is lost as I recall my daugter dropping my MBP last week. I unscrewed the back and diconnected battery from 30 seconds and once I reconnected and powered it on, I saw the screen light up and all was saved!!! Hope this can help someone, who tried all suggestions above and below.

    Believe it or not, dropping it from an inch above the desk solved it for me. None of the resets did. Not sure if the problem first arose because my laptop bag with the computer took a spill. Two wrongs might make a right. Its my work Laptop and we use macs because things like that are unheard from unless you experience it. I tried turning it on again and waiting for the invisible dialogue box like option 2 said, and tried turning my volume up to see if I could get any noise. The black screen disappeared and the normal boot-up screen returned.

    I have NO idea why this worked and I have no idea if it can be replicated, but it worked for me! I was in panic mode for greater than a day because my MacBookPro screen was black upon rebooting the computer. Thanks so much for the great suggestion above about turning off and again rebooting…fixed the problem. I can not thank you enough. Tried these reset methods number of times… There was some improvement, like the Apple logo at the back switching on. But the screen was still black.

    But the mac screen was still black. Then I read on some forum, that a problem sometimes is graphic card. So I opened my mac, and graphic card was so dirt, from the heat dust was like a chewing cum. I cleaned slowely, now its working as a new :. You should take it to a Genius Bar or certified Apple support center to get it looked at. Hopefully no water was spilled on the MacBook, that damages a computer. Best of luck, update back when you have a resolution!

    Thank you for your suggestion! No water damage. All the best! Tried all of it for few hours and non worked : Still showed a grey screen. Only difference is when I tried connecting the macbook pro with an extended display, the apple logo and progressing bar showed up. Anyone might know whats the problem or have any solutions? Turned on my Mac, black screen of confusion ensued. Found this website, tried all three to no avail. The first step worked. I guess I should have started with it plugged in like the directions said. Thanks for the help!! Pls help!!!

    I need it for work!!! Help me pls!!! Update: got the second boot chime through the PRAM reset, but it still has the illuminated black screen. I tried the PRAM reset and the second boot chime never happens. The screen is completely black but it still is illuminated and the brightness keys work for it. This happened after waking from sleep mode to a frozen screen, which just went dark when I rebooted it. Another option would be attempt to use an external screen, like a TV or a monitor, if you have the cable to connect it to another display. Sometimes that works. May be a trip to the Apple Store to have them run a diagnostics test on it, there is a small chance of GPU failure or hard drive going bad.

    Same happens after shutting down. When I came home after school this black screen happened. Every once and a while I on the bottom of the screen I get a little white line flashing. Is there another way? When using an external display via the the Thunder cable, I was able to see the login options, my account and guest account. When I typed in my password it started to load. I tried logging into the guest account and it was the same thing. I was using the computer yesterday, opened it today and black screen of death.

    Any suggestions? I had reoccurring issues every couple of weeks with these symptoms and related startup issues. Thanks for the help — this was awesome. I have tried every single thing known to man and still have the same issue. No apple lit up and screens not coming on…. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I reset the SMC — the first option and all is well again. Much appreciated. None of these seemed to help.

    When I connected an external monitor to the hdmi port with the MBP already booted up nothing changed. But when booted with the external monitor already on and connected, the external display worked perfectly. Maybe this was just a coincidence but I thought I would mention it in case it might help someone else. I also changed the setting for the screensaver to run continuuously. I think for my particular MAC it actually got too hot which began this prob.

    I unplugged it from the power source, let it cool down for a day and then tried the various solutions listed here. The Power button plus the S key helped shut it all the way down. I waited at least 15 seconds for it to be totally off then hit the power source and waited for the start up chime. I held these down through three or for blackouts the computer whent through.

    Then it finally rebooted correctly so I released all the buttons and let it finish rebooting properly. PRAM reset worked for me! Interestingly 2 days before this occurence happened I switched my desktop and screen saver to be from an album of extremely hi-res photos. Wonder if this is possibly linked? The PRAM resolved my issue. My MacBook Pro after a shut down came back up with a black screen… Turned back off I would see a flicker of white and then shut down. I noticed that the panel did not have the lights on the keys and it was getting very hot real fast while in the black screen mode.

    I tried the first solution, hold down the shift, control, option and power for a few seconds then release. I did that and my Mac is back to normal again. The Power button-S button-hold the power button thingy worked for me!! Basically I had gone full screen on YouTube and then it had these flashy blurred screen and then a blackout…. Thanks a million this absolutely saved me! The third option took a 2 min but if your patient it will come back. Low-end windows machines are garbage.

    The ridiculously careful wording to pretend that all these issues are extremely rare drives me nuts. You know what? Mac OS gets viruses. Mac OS needs to be reinstalled. Mac OS crashes. Mac Apps crash. Macs get error 36 interacting with any non-mac computer.

    Mac Problems: Stuck at the Blue or Black Screen

    Macs need plist files remove to fix software issues. Macs need to be restarted to solve issues. Accept it! Computers are complicated. LG me. Black screen but managed to get it working with PRAM reset for 2 days. Now black again and no amount of suggested solutions work. Apple support not at all helpful, suggesting graphics card needs replacing but not offering to do so.

    Thank you for the PRAM solution. I have tried everything and no success even tried apple support. Top of the range mid Mac book Pro and its dead. My MBPR 15 screen goes blank when running imovie. After this I hard shut it down. Sometimes it will come back and others it boots to a blank screen. Forced a shut-down with the power button as suggested and on restart it all came back.

    Apple error warning said failure to waken properly from sleep. Unfortunately it has come back. I think the system is not shutting down when the lid closes and this is something to do with low battery. I have a MacBook pro and having tried and cried several combinations of short cut keys, stumbled across this website and the PRAM reset worked for me. You are life savers and uni dissertation savers having written words and I was going to give up and take it to Apple shop after four days of black screen!!!!

    None of these options worked for me and now when i connect to an external monitor the macbook wont boot. It worked- number 3. Took a couple of goes, I must have been a millisecond too slow a couple times. I had just done the update to the newest iOS and it must have played it up. Thanks for the advice! I have a mid macbook pro and I almost sold my computer as broken until I found this fix.

    I could hear the ding for booting, but no display. It ended up being the PRAM reset that fixed the problem for me. However, it took some patience because the computer booted halfway before the screen came back on. Had the black screen issue with my 18 month old MacBook Air. Tried all the suggested keyboard sequences unsuccessfully and was about to give up.

    Then tried the final suggested one which was the PRAM one…. My macbook pro 13inch retina 2 years old come march has been playing up for last 6 months. Keep getting the screen going black, I have done all the above fixes worked for a bit other times it doesnt fix it all. It works fine when connect it to my tv via HDMI screen still black on laptop but can at least use it. I think mine is more hardware focussed, so I be interested in finding out if anyone has actually had to get the screen replaced or taken to apple repair centre and had an idea around actual costings?

    Am debating just buying a new one and keeping this as a spare hook it up to a separate monitor use as a steaming device instead. PRAM worked for me. That happened to me during exams time, you just saved my life! I have literally tried everything mentioned here. I even restored the dang thing…. PRAM reset worked. My MacBook Pro booted to a black screen after upgrading to the El Captain operating system leaving me concerned.

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    I went into the Internet to learn from those who have had similar experience, thankfully the PRAM reset option restored my MacBook to its normal booting screen. I have a Macbook Pro and I tried all 3 options, but non of them seem to be working. But his failure to back up religiously made the trying Mac issues Julian faced not just a frustrating annoyance and time-suck, but terrifying, too. He could have lost hundreds of files representing thousands of hours of work. The name refers to special memory sections on your Mac that store data that persists even when the Mac is shut off, like volume settings, screen resolution, and similar options.

    You might need to grow an extra finger or two for this one, or have a friend help you out. Keeping holding the keys down until you hear the Mac restart again. Apple says to let it restart just the one time; I usually listen for a second reboot, and then release the keys. In some cases, after performing this step, your Mac will restart normally. Julian and I went to my local Apple Store with his Mac. That was good. The Genius behind the bar agreed that it was probably a hard drive issue, and wanted to check to see whether the drive simply needed reformatting, or actually exhibited bad sectors indicating it needed to be replaced.

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    So JV had to plunk down extra cash to buy a thumb drive at the Apple Store, onto which we then copied those other files. Then we reinstalled Mountain Lion again. Eventually it crashed hard, and again refused to start up. Sometimes, even the best experts get it wrong. That was probably the most important step we took. Possibly, anyway. It could be that the logic board diagnosis is off-base, too. But having these steps and awkward key combinations committed to memory, or saved to an iPad, or stuck on your refrigerator—that can make coping with your next Mac disaster considerably less stressful.

    Presuming your backups are current, anyway. His latest book, a children's book parody for adults, is called "The Kid in the Crib. Amazon is selling some iPad Pro models for the lowest prices ever. Grab highly rated Bluetooth speakers for cheap in Amazon's one-day Prime Anker's popular, already affordable car chargers and dash cams are even Pay what you want for a Humble Book Bundle on programmable boards!

    Step 2: Safe Boot Safe Boot limits what checks and functionality your Mac focuses on during startup, and performs certain diagnostics. A brief but hugely important pause Long before this step, long before even Step 1 in fact, you should know the state of your backups. It was time for Step 6. Oh, Step 6. The Mac started up beautifully. Julian returned home to New York. Double uh-oh. Step 7: Go back to the Genius Bar again Sometimes, even the best experts get it wrong.