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Once disks are installed, connect the DSplay to your network and power it on. Un-configured Disk Stations can be found by typing find. This is standard fare for all Synology devices and the entire process typically takes less than 10 minutes. You manage your disk station using Disk Station Manager 6. You use the initial account you create during the setup process to log into the DSM and begin creating Groups, Users, and setting up services.

You also use the control panel to create share points, folders on your disk station used for file sharing, and to create users and groups.

NAS vs. External Drive

File sharing is a fairly obvious use for a Synology Disk Station, but there are over 90 other service apps you can install, most of which are free as a part of DSM, and which also offer clients for macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android devices. One of my favorites and one that I started using as soon as I got my first Disk Station is the Cloud Station Server, which allows you to use your Disk Station as a private Dropbox-like service. Install Cloud Station Server on your Disk Station and a client on all your devices and you have instant synchronization of files and folders on all those devices.

The Cloud Station Server also offers a sharing feature that allows you to create links to files stored on your Cloud Station that can be downloaded by others. Plus, it works with cloud accounts — including Dropbox and Google Drive — and you can also use an app to share content to streamers, including Chromecast and Roku.

Long story, short: this is a fantastic NAS device, even if you do have to buy the hard drives separately. Just factor that in to the overall cost. The key selling point of this model is that it can integrate directly with BitTorrent, which means that it can download stuff for you even when your PC is turned off. Like many of the other devices here, you can also stream to it via various devices, it's platform agnostic, and you can use it as an iTunes server. Once in a while, a product comes along that challenges the conventions of their product category.

The DS is one such product. This two-bay unit can create a mirrored backup of your stuff, duplicating your data on both drives, using RAID configuration. That's quite an advanced feature for a consumer box.

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Just bear in mind that you do pay quite a lot for that capability and WD's user-friendly presentation, including an easy-to-master, browser-based control screen. This is a 4TB unit, though 6, 8 and 16TB units are also on hand. For extra peace of mind, you can also back up the contents to Dropbox. Anyone looking at purely technical aspects will instantly fall in love with the Synology DiskStation DS If you don't need any of this extra stuff, then go with the My Cloud Mirror.

If you're searching for a NAS device to help manage your backup needs, the DL might be worth checking out. One of the coolest features of this device is its web dashboard, which offers users options for backing up to cloud services such as Dropbox and Box.

NAS Features

Definitively a good choice for a "first" NAS to work and experience with, if you need to go on a cheap model or if you do not have a lot of IT experience, suggested for simple home environment where no redundancy it's needed, I would avoid it if you need redundancy or if you like to fine tune and experiment with every possible option.

There is also a public wiki about hacking it but I've not tested any of the stuff described yet! UPDATE: after some time I've found more problems, all related to the time machine interface: 1 The quota option do not work with time machine 2 The Lion update completely stopped the Time Machine usage. Apple changed some things and Western Digital is working on an update.

Take the firmware for a spin with this " Live Demo ".

The Best NAS (Network Attached Storage) Devices for 12222

It has a very active community behind it. We're looking for long answers that provide some explanation and context. Don't just give a one-line answer; explain why your answer is right, ideally with citations. Answers that don't include explanations may be removed. Based on reading many of the numerous reviews, the WD gets the job done at a very competitive price point with few disadvantages.

I'm ordering one this week and will plan to update my answer. I'll be using it for other network backup and shared network files. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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Rules: Use a single answer for each NAS no duplicates, please. Vote up or down on any NAS you have experience with. In particular, it supports Spotlight and fast file searches CatSearch , something that other NAS systems cannot do as well: They usually use a Linux system with netatalk and an ext3 file system which, compared to AFP with HFS, are not optimized for the ways a Mac can search. Use built-in screen sharing to control. I'll second the old Mac post as that's what I use too. In my case I have an old Mac Mini 1. Should this really be considered a NAS? JohanKarlsson Well, "NAS" means "Network-attached storage", so in my book any device that can provide storage accessible to the network qualifies.

Best NAS Drives for Mac: The 5 Winners | Pretty Cast

No keyboard and screen. But still, putting up a server is useful, as it can do so much more than a NAS. Very nice but also very pricey! If only I could afford one From out of the box to running in literally 5 minutes, shares and users created. Uses little power when idle, and little noise other than the HDs. It is pricey, but price is subjective.

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  7. Time is money, this little thing saves time. I replaced a linux fileserver with one. Time Capsule The Time Capsule can be used as a shared drive. It is also a Wi-Fi router, and is automatically recognized as a backup device for Time Machine.