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Average Rating 4. DB Files Free tool to view Skype history main. Open unlimited Skype chat history files at free of cost.

How to delete skype chat history for a particular contact

Export Skype chat history to multiple formats quickly. This freeware utility read Skype main.

Skype stores all application data in a local database in plain text

Now you can convert Skype main. It saves a lot of time. Best freeware tool for forensic investigation. Export Skype main. Helpful from Forensic Point of View This tool is very important from forensic point of view. View Skype History main. Check Steps to View Skype main. Step 2 Select Skype Chat history files. Step 3 Choose the User. Choose the user from left side to open the chat. Step 4 Choose format.

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Now, select the file format to save the Skype Chat from various format. Step 6 Choose Saving location. Now, select the destination path for resultant data and Press OK. Skype Log viewer software is an effectual way to save Skype chat history files to multiple formats. It is the great software to convert Skype main. After selecting main. After opening Skype main.

Read More. After choosing main. Users can click on any particular conversation to read all information related to this conversation. This option is helpful to count and quickly open Skype chat history files in easiest way.

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It requires only main. Step 8: After completing the conversion process, it will automatically open the destination path. It is really best software to read Skype chat history, I have used this Skype Chat converter to read old Skype chats because my Skype application got corrupted and I required a software to read important conversations without Skype installation. I would like to say thank you BitRecover for providing this application free of cost. It is really amazing software, which allows to open Skype chat history as well as convert Skype main.

Actually I am a forensic investigator and BitRecover Skype chat viewer is most helpful for me to save evidence in PDF format because the court allows to view the evidences in only PDF format. After converting Skype main. Eliza, Greece Oct 03, I am a lawyer and I want to take print out of Skype chat to show the evidence in court, can you please guide me about how to take printout of old Skype chat? You can easily take printout of old Skype chat by following simple steps as first download this free Skype log viewer software and convert Skype chat to PDF Adobe format to take the print out easily as PDF is the best format to take printout.

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Extract all messages to and from a specific chat partner

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