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I'll keep an eye on it; thanks for the tip! Try Razer Deathadder. I had the exact same issue with Lachesis as you did. I like to palm the mouse with my whole hand, not just with tips of my fingers and Lachesis was damn annoying about that. It's not a slick surface but coated with same matte stuff like Lachesis so you won't slip and slide and it's only 5 buttons, two on the side, easily reachable by thumb and not blocky like lachesis, that was awkward to reach.

It's by now an old mouse and it's only upgraded over the years in terms of dpi but to date I have not found anything really more comfortable and availability certainly isn't the issue. I got it at first cause it used to be the only razer mouse to have mac drivers as well as pc ones, but I fell in love with it and haven't changed it in the past 5 years.

It's wired btw, forgot to mention that. I can't stand wireless mice partly cause of battery issues but partly cause it's just a weight in the mouse that I don't like to feel. Last edited by zohar : at AM. Originally Posted by zohar Last edited by Shadowcall : at AM. Originally Posted by Shadowcall.

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Last edited by zork : at AM. Find More Posts by zork. Originally Posted by Qupe. After 3 years, they ask for your current mouse back but the replacement is still free. Not to mention, if your mouse isn't produced anymore they upgrade it to the best possible version of your mouse "type" ie - gaming mouse, wired standard mouse, wireless gaming, etc I've been using a Razer Taipan that someone helpfully abandoned at my workplace, and while it's acceptable and meets most of my criteria, I have resigned myself to the fact that the Microsoft IntelliMouse 1.

It's even more annoying because it required me to register an account and provide a bunch of personal information before I could even use the software; it does have an "offline" mode but you can't use it without registering and logging in first. Obviously I entered fake information and blocked the program from accessing the internet, but none of that should have been necessary in the first place.

However, if you like having buttons 4 and 5 on the same side of the mouse, or don't mind running bloated spyware on your computer, I would tentatively recommend this mouse. Last edited by Phanx : at AM. I know it's not fully quailfied for your needs, but it's a superior mouse, specially if you like the shape of the DeathAdder.

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  6. Also you don't have to use the Synapse 2. Last edited by Resike : at AM.

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    Originally Posted by Resike. Originally Posted by Phanx. Asymmetrical shape? Buttons 4 and 5 on the both sides of the mouse? That's pretty much not a match for any of my requirements? Edit: I was wrong, mine is a Taipan Well you said buttons are fine on the same side, if there is 2 of it. I have also used a Trackball for years, it's very precise and can be much more faster then a regular mouse, however it takes time to master it and requires very frequent cleaning.

    I use a claw grip not because I want to, but because I have to.

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    Nearly all mice are too small for my hands and if they aren't, they lack other features I want. Find More Posts by Talyrius.

    Making Roccat Kone Compatible with Mac OS X

    My problem is RSI - I am actually a clawer. But after a while it gets so bad, I actually have to use my trackpad macbook with my left hand :P For everything this is fine, except gaming. I used to own a Lachesis. It died after two years, Razer wouldn't replace it. Reboot and button would work fine for a while and then glitch would reoccur. Reinstalled Logitech driver Mouseware but problem persisted.

    Logitech didn't have answer but someone on their forum recommended XMBC.

    Drivers and support

    Installed - problem solved! Later, had to do a reinstall of XP with Mouseware and problem continued. Once again - XMBC to the rescue.

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    I'm now looking to switch to Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit. Is that correct? If it isn't correct: unfortunately Logitech's Setpoint driver for W-7 doesn't include my mouse in its setup which means I'd have to use the Mouseware driver in XP Compatability Mode. Would this work reliably with XMBC? But it does depend on the particular Logitech model I think how many buttons etc.

    Only sure way to know is to try it unless someone else can tell you for sure! Thanks, Phil. Which is really I think where xmouse shines, these semi-offbrand mice that don't have any software available to manipulate the buttons.

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    XMBC uses windows hooks so it would not port easily. I thought in Linux you could do all sorts of button configuration stuff already?! This mouse has 6 buttons scroll wheel press included, sensitivity switches and scroll actions excluded , of which 5 work just fine. XMBC is replacing the somewhat shoddy drivers that come with this device, and it does that very well.