You have not chosen to trust citrix mac os x

You will need to manually install the root and or Intermediate Certificate Authority CA that the published Citrix application is using to connect with in order to establish trust with the appropriate certificate authority. You can google search for this certificate s authority based on the name of the certificate in your error message.

Install the needed certificate by double-clicking the certificate and it will automatically in your Mac OS X Keychain Access store. Contact your help desk for assistance.

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Installing and Configuring Citrix Receiver for Mac OS X

But their devices, and hundreds of millions of other devices around the world still trust these certificates, which is often criticized as a security risk. These root stores often have policies for acceptance, which include yearly audits and compliance reports to show that the CAs are following industry requirements. Mozilla also operates one used by its Firefox browser and many Linux distributions.

Operating Systems usually make changes to their trusted and un-trusted root certificates during major updates. Oftentimes this means the trusted root store is growing on each and every release. These changes are in comparison to the root certificates that were included with the previous version of Mac OS, El Capitan The full list of root certificates comes directly from Apple. This latest update has made changes to all three lists. No certificates have been added here. A DigiNotar certificate was moved to the Blocked list.

This is all great but they broke something with certs that you have trusted. The keychain will not save and does not fully sync with the icloud keychain. I have multiple Apple systems and only the ones updated to Sierra fail to trust certs and never prompt you to save after trusting them each time it pops up on the screen. Hi John, Im also see some issues with importing trusted root certs on Sierra systems.


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