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Music Technology. Photo by Focusrite Why Audio Interfaces are Important An audio interface is an essential piece of gear for any music recording studio or mobile musician. What is an Audio Interface?

What Is The Best Audio Interface for Logic Pro X?

Features to Consider When Buying an Audio Interface Understanding how audio interfaces work, and the various features will help you make an informed buying decision. Some interfaces also include microphone preamps that boost the signal, add clarity, and inject character. Additional line outputs can also connect effects processors and other outboard gear. Audio Interface Type Desktop — Perfect for a small project studio. Some are also bus powered, which makes them ideal for mobile use.

Top 12 Best Audio Interfaces for Mac OS (12222 Review)

Rackmount — Designed to fit into an audio equipment rack. However, they are less accessible than desktop interfaces. Mobile — Designed for mobile use. Audio Latency Latency is also an important consideration if you work with multiple plugins and high tracks counts. Bit Depth and Sample Rate The sample rate and bit depth define sound quality and resolution. Sample Rate — The number of samples per second in a piece of audio. It describes sound detail.

The PreSonus Audiobox 1818VSL- One of the best audio interface for logic pro x-2018

Sample rates range from Bit Depth — Describes the dynamic amplitude range. This bit depth will give you a higher level of fidelity while eliminating most noise. Additional Considerations Other features to look for are metering and included software packages. Read More 2. Read More 3. Read More 4.

Key Audio Interface Features To Consider

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Read More Read More Honorable Mentions There is a lot of excellent audio interfaces on the market. Below are ten more affordable audio interfaces worth considering: 1. If you happen to have a setup where the singer is separated from the engineer i.

Why Audio Interfaces are Important

It was rather inexpensive for the price, and the quality of the recordings it provides is superior to other interfaces of the same price budget. As you can see from the video demonstration below, the interface provides a fantastic audio recording quality! Similar Articles that you may be interested in.

Table of Contents. Sustain Punch.

The Top 10 Best Audio Interfaces for the Money | Mic Reviews

The MK3 also comes with built-in effects and DSP routing, in which you can dial in your headphone mixes without draining your computer. It can also serve as a pretty steady standalone mixer due to the DSP mixer and onboard effects — in case you ever want to just jam out without taking your laptop. The Motu UltraLite-MK3 also sits on the higher price-point, but with the features and sound it provides, it is great for the price. The Fireface UC has a solid cross-platform performance, which means that it works well on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

It also comes with 2 Apogee on-board mic preamps with selectable phantom power. The thunderbolt drivers deliver a relatively low-latency performance 1. The driver also draws less CPU power ranks which lets you run more plug-ins and monitor through your DAW at lower buffer settings.

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  8. The M-Track II is known to be one of the best audio interfaces for people who prefer something cheaper without many bells and whistles. The M-Audio is pretty flexible, as it offers the right connections for any instrument, from electric guitar to a phantom-powered condenser microphone.