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Deer Hunter will provide an authentic hunting experience for players as they venture to some of the top-rated hunting regions in North America from the plains of West Texas to the rugged terrain of Alaska. Keep your guard up as the potential for dangerous animal encounters is present in every region with Mountain Lions, Wolves and Bears! That about sums it up. There doesn't seem to be any tracking involved. Animals are dumb creatures that stand around in pre-defined killzones, run away when the shooting starts, only to return a short time later.

It's basically an arcade shooting gallery, that occasionally involves you being attacked by rabid preditors, in between some clown telling you to shoot a certain target, sometimes in a specific organ. This is nothing like Deer Hunter , if that's the impression you get from the description, like I did. No freedom to roam a map, no tracking, no calls, or any of that. Just run down a linear path, until you see the target, and shoot. I don't even think wind an bullet drop exist at all. Now I didn't get deep into unlocking everything, so maybe I missed something, but this isn't Deer Hunter of old.

It's an arcade style phone game. I'm not even sure how they thought this game was good enough to release. I was hoping for a deer hunter from back in the day not what I got. Ok for eveybody whos giving this game bad reviews.. The game is made by GLU, they make alot of games for tablets.. Now that we have facts.

Deer Hunter Reloaded Gameplay (PC)

This game should have been free this game is rip off don't waste your money on this game. Trash graphics, trash gameplay, and trash sound quality.

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I'm new to the xbox family and I know this game is garbage. Graphics suck. Definately not worth the money I paid for it.


Buyers Beware!!! OK, if your looking for ultra realistic graphics and a real hunting experience look elsewhere. This game is fun though, watching the unrealistic animals and the hunters that HELP you is funny good game to hve laughs with. The hunting simulator Game is ten times the game this is at least on it your able to free roam somewhat. The guy that says research what you're buying has his head up his butt because this game sucks and isn't worth it even 2 bucks.

They show you being able to free roam with his fault.

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You earn "in game cash", but for the most part there is nothing that you can use it for. You must buy "gold" with real money to purchase upgrades. To make the game more entertaining and engrossing for the player, the rewards earned should equal a payout for the player ability to use their achievements. Allow for exchange of "in game cash" to be exchanged for "gold" to buy upgrades.

Like I said, the game is good, its the rewards system that allows for advancement in the game that is flawed! For this reason I gave it an OK rating vs. I didn't like it, because I like it but it cost too much to keep playing. As far as hunting games go, Deer Hunter Reloaded is a poor excuse. The actual hunting aspects that make or break a true hunting sim have all been stripped away.

While this would be acceptable for a free trial of a full game which I could see this being , Glu Games took the "Free to Play" model and made this an incredibly dissatisfactory game. All upgrades beyond the basic first few have to be bought using the premium currency, which makes their "Hunter Bucks" worthless after a few playthroughs which makes level rewards completely pointless very quickly.

Deer Hunter Reloaded for Mac - Download

Even support items that other "Free to Play" titles provide the option for players to acquire through skill OR money, can only be bought through this premium currency. What's worse, the premium currency can't be bought with anything but real money, extortionary levels of real money.

About This Game

You'll soon find yourself investing hundreds of dollars into this game in the vain attempt to make it worth your time. While I normally don't mind the "Free to Play" model, Glu Games has created the perfect storm of everything that is wrong with it. I've gotten to level 45 without purchasing anything.

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The Trophy wall helps you keep track of your game progress and monitor your game performance at the same time. The number of hunting sessions is limited by your player's energy level. Each missions requires a certain amount of energy that you can regain slowly over time or by using your gold, in-game cash or real money. Deer Hunter Reloaded comes with immersive 3D graphics, intuitive game controls and sound effects that will enhance your hunting experience. Deer Hunter Reloaded for Mac. Deer Hunter Reloaded was reviewed by George Popescu. Click to load comments.

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