Dvd player not working on mac laptop

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Tags air superdrive blu-ray cd copyright dvd dvd or cd sharing film macos movies music optical drive remote disc ripping sd card superdrive usb drive usb superdrive video. You may also like. Analyze your memory usage, with Activity Monitor 1 month ago. The first and best Blu-ray media player for Mac.

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Fixed: Mac DVD Player Not Working/Playing on iMac/MacBook Problem

Please download Mac Standard version. Please purchase Mac Standard version. Macgo Blu-ray Media Player. RE: power packs.. I just keep the receipt and get a new one each time so I'm never out of pocket. I bought it as a spare as I went traveling, and I've just recently used it as a replacement, as my original one has died. This original one lasted 2 years, is that good or bad? I'm wondering if I should have vented my notebook better. First after 4 months the whole system needed to be set up again ,this is after installing the Omnisphere VST whooo.

Use Remote Disc

All focked up after installing!!. Nobody had answers.. Well ,you stomped!! Show this post Pah! I tell ya, the world is going to hell in a handcart Show this post rile3e That's the next thing I'm waiting on fecking up!

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Just happened. Got that replaced in time before my applecare runs out. Money well spent that was!

It's the thinnest one on the market. That means: being so thin, with so many mechanical parts, they are very prone to fail sooner or later. Some sooner. So did mine, out of the box last October one of the last "old" MBPs with matte display… :. The drive has been of course replaced by my Apple dealer then, but the replacement drive is currently beginning to fail again. It had a couple of issues during the warranty as well, but for most parts caused by an incompetent service guy… who got fired after he messed up my PB cheers.

It was very easy, a 30min job. I also fitted a new drive into my friend's MacBook, which took a lot longer and was a little more precarious, but job's done nonetheless. Show this post schtel any repairs can be done with ease Like, er, replacing a PowerBook G4 display…? Show this post loukash Like, er, replacing a PowerBook G4 display…?

Obviously there is a procedure to follow, you don't need to be a rocket scientist.

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  8. I'll admit that when I first opened my MacBook Pro 9 months ago I thought there's no way I can understand all that, everything is so so small. But after watching those vids and following it through step by step I conclude it's very easy. Things always appear difficult when you don't know how, but of course they are easy to the professional. There is a great sense of satisfaction when not having to rely on someone else's expertise to get something fixed.

    But I am also one of those people that likes to be knowledgeable in the areas I am interested in, and I really enjoy the learning process. Indeed if money doesn't mean much then it holds no value and you can spend what you like.

    Can't insert CD/DVD in iMac DVD drive | MacRumors Forums

    But for the rest of us peasants Show this post schtel I can't see why not. Don't know about the Apple Geniuses in the genuine Apple Stores not available in my area , but apparently the PB G4's display replacement seems to be one of the biggest nightmares of the mortal Apple-certificated service guys… schtel There is a great sense of satisfaction when not having to rely on someone else's expertise to get something fixed. After the AppleCare warranty has expired, definitely.

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    But personally, here I'm trying to apply one of my favorite Steve Jobs guotes: "People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully.

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