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Try out the hotkeys. Lots of settings Control sound, automove, deck, animation speed and a lot more under settings.

Unlimited undos Never be afraid to make a move. Unlimited undos gives you plenty of room for regret. Download game for offline play To play offline or always have the gave at hand, you can download the game here. Sit down, relax and enjoy this timeless classic. The game is played with two decks of cards, unlike Klondike Solitaire , which is played with one. This makes for a more challenging card solitaire experience.

Mac Free Cell Solitaire

Unlike many of the other versions of solitaire, almost all games can be won. This makes for a much more relaxing solitaire experience. For the most part this is a flawless game. Sometimes the cards in the left most column come out of alignment and you have to slide the bottom one down to see what the next card is.

FreeCell Plus

Minor issue but not insurmountable. Otherwise, definitely enjoyable and good automatic card movement when appropriate. Spades 2 suits has bugs. The game begins with stacks of cards face down except for the topmost card. As you rearrange the top cards, the ones below, which are face down, should flip over so we can play it.

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How did that card get there? Who knows. You have to click it and manually drag it where you want it to go. It will stack a red queen on top of a red king, but not a black king. The graphics are barely mediocre, and the user interface leaves A LOT to be desired.

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At times, the cards in a column will appear to be misaligned, but all I do is restart the game which is an easy fix. I love that you can select auto move cards or manually move them.

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Pretty Good Solitaire has been around for over 20 years and is one of the best solitaire games for Mac due to the sheer number of games included with it. There are an incredible games and 80 bonus games in it including all the most popular variations such as Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Yukon, Scorpion, Pyramid, Cruel and more.

You can undo and redo moves, automatically save games, choose 5 different card sizes for those with poor vision and there are a mind boggling 2 billion starting positions for each game. There are over card games to choose from, including of course Freecell, with clear descriptions of how to play each one, rules and tips for being a better player. Full Deck Solitaire is probably the most elegant solitaire collection for Mac — and possibly the most popular — with 63 games available.

Solitaire Forever is another huge compendium of card games with to choose from including Freecell.

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Solitaite Forever looks great with 3D graphics and animations. The developer of Freecell Alisdair McDiarmid has discontinued development of Freecell but you can still download the last available version. If you want to start playing Freecell instantly and not download anything, then Freecell Online is your best bet. Another online version of Freecell, Greenfelt Freecell looks slick and has a few more options than Freecell-Cardgame. Solitaire King is pretty nifty and allows you to change the appearance of card decks and backgrounds, toggle 3D effects, undo moves, show the rules and see your game stats although you must sign-up for a free account in order to access your stats.

You can also change from a range of different Freecell games including Klondike, Forty Thieves, Easthaven and many more.