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Don't try and load it up with everything cool you can find, instead, use it for singular services that are useful to you. Start by hitting up the official Dashboard widget page and find hings that are useful for your workflow.

Mac OS X Lion Keyboard Shortcuts

A few built-in widgets, like sticky notes and the calculator are clearly useful, but here are a few ideas for what you can do with the screen you might not have considered. You won't find a shortage of great system monitoring utilities for your Mac, but most of them sit cozily in your Dock or menu bar.

That's good for heavy users, but if you really just want something you can check in on occasionally then the Dashboard is a surprisingly good place to put them. You have a ton of options to choose from, but here's a few of our favorites. If you're anything like me then you repeatedly check the status of shipments and packages by searching through your email, finding the link, and heading over to the UPS or FedEx site.

Then you repeat this process repeatedly until the package arrives on your doorstep. Instead of wasting time doing that, a widget like Delivery Status lets you drop in your tracking numbers and it then shows you the status. If your checking-on-things procrastination vice is more about the score of the big game, that's easy enough to do as well. The ESPN widget built into Dashboard should to the trick for most people, but you'll find plenty of more dedicated options if you're only interested in keeping up with one or two teams. The idea can be applied to nearly anything you're always checking the status on.

The point is to take it out of your workflow environment and browser and stuff it away on a screen you probably rarely use for quick access so you can continue on with your day. We've shown you how to change the desktop background in Dashboard with a Terminal command and you can also do it with the Lion Designer utility. Changing the background screen isn't just about making the dashboard aesthetically pleasing.

Oct 30, AM. I can press any number of other keys on the keyboard, but pressing f4 does nothing. Guessing Apple wants me to start using launchpad. I think launchpad is pointless. I'm certain there's a way to override this in the terminal. Are you pressing F4 or are you pressing the Launchpad Picture key? No, they are not the same.

Mac OS X Lion For Dummies

If your function keys react to the pictures printed on them, then you need to hold down the fn key to get the Fkeys. Oct 30, PM.

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True, I understand the dashboard key is different than f4. I want to remap the dashboard key to open dashboard. I know this is possible from the command line. It's silly the GUI wont allow this. Nov 2, AM. Well, there isn't a "dashboard" key anymore. It may look like it on your keyboard, but that is not what it does in the most recent OS's. It also works for closing individual tabs in Safari. In fact, you'll find it works in nearly every application on the Mac.

Disable Mac OS X Dashboard

How often have you wanted to get rid of the Dock so you can give yourself more room on your screen, but didn't want to go through all the menu options to hide it? How many times have you tried to describe an error message you're getting, only to be faced with confusion? Why not take a screenshot, then mail the image instead? Also, if you hold down Option as well, it will hide all the applications except the one you're working on, getting rid of all that annoying screen clutter.

30 time-saving Mac keyboard shortcuts | TechRadar

The Application switcher saves you from having to go to the Dock to change the application you're using. Keep pressing the Tab key to step through which application you'll switch to Shift reverses the direction , or point with your cursor to select one. This function will need to be enabled in the Universal Access pane in System Preferences first, but once it's activated it will enable you to zoom in or out of the screen.

Use this shortcut to bring up the Force Quit dialog — this will then enable you to stop the application with extreme prejudice…. This will then handily bring up the OS X dictionary definition of the word and put you back in the know. This tip is for OS X This is irrespective of whether you have a page full of text, a collection of images in iPhoto or all the files and folders in a Finder window.

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A superb shortcut. Copying C , cutting X and pasting V is much quicker if you master the keyboard shortcuts. Searching using Spotlight is obviously far quicker than navigating the file system.