Mac air touchpad not working

This one is the most effective method to solve many of the common software related problems including Macbook touchpad not working. So, before proceeding with the other methods as below, it is better to start with the Mac updating process. And for this method, the steps which you need to go through are as follows:. After following these steps, if you will find that the error gets resolved then OK, or else try the below methods one by one.

If you have left your Macbook for days, without even dusting it, then the accumulation of dust on its body can be the fact for the trackpad not working issue. If this is the case, then only by cleaning the gadget with the help of a soft and lint-free cloth, you can get the trackpad in a normal working condition. It is always better to clean the electronic devices at least once a week. This will not only make your device free from dust but at the same time, it will give you a friendly-user experience.

PRAM is a memory storage part of the Mac device. Its function is to gather system information along with some parts of settings to access them rapidly. Resetting PRAM might help you to fix this problem. The steps to allow for this method are as follows:. In case, by the use of this method, the error still exists then proceed to this further method to get rid of it.

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  6. Trackpad preferences provide tons of options.

This is another effective method with the application of which you will able to fix Mac trackpad not working problem. And the steps which you need to go through for this method are a little different for the MacBook with a removable battery and without a removable battery.

Here from the following portion of the article, you can learn the methods. So, you can check them out:. The steps to perform for the Mac device of which the battery is not removable one are quite simple and are as below:. The steps which you need to go through to perform the reset SMC task to the Mac device of which the battery can be removed. Normally, all the old model of Mac are designed with a removable battery:.

After following all these above methods if the error still remains then you can proceed with this method. This method may work for you. So without losing hope, try this one as well. The steps to proceed with are quite simple and are also arranged in these below lines:. Hopefully, after completing these above steps you will find that the trackpad is working properly without an issue. If this is the case, to check and to solve follow these below lines. This is the error which generally occurs if you are using an external wireless mouse or keyboard. So, without worrying about the issue, check out these effective steps which follows:.

These are the overall steps, by the application of which you will resolve Mac trackpad not working issue if the case is that you are connecting the Mac with a wireless mouse and keyboard. As said earlier, this is one of the common issues among the Mac trackpad not working problem list. If this occurs you can able to fix it by following these below-said steps.

So, without wasting time, proceed with it:. This is another one of the most common problems which come under a part of the Mac trackpad not working problem. And to learn the solutions for it check out these steps below. In case after following all these above methods if you still facing the Mac trackpad not working, which is a rare case scenario. In such situation this will be the method which will help you to identify the proper cause of this problem and can also help you to fix it accordingly.

First of all, make sure that you have close every running program on Mac. Next, Shut it down.

What causes Mac Trackpad not Working?

And remember that you need not switch off the power supply for the device. If you were using Mac with the help of battery then you need to connect it with the power source to continue with this method. If you do, try disconnecting it. Does your trackpad now work? In that case, your system has been set up to ignore trackpad input when it detects a mouse. They can originate either from the Mac itself, or from user error. If your pointer is jumping around the screen, there could be a range of non-serious causes—many of them down to simple human error.

First, check your battery level. Next make sure that jewelry such as wedding rings and bracelets are not catching the pad as you work; they could cause the pad to read multiple signals at once and get confused. Sometimes your trackpad works correctly; sometimes it acts up. Troubleshooting Laptop Power Problems You're almost certainly going to have to troubleshoot your MacBook power supply at some point. Here's how to do it. Read More. Swelling and exploding MacBook batteries have been an issue for years.

Your first move should be contacting Apple support, if your device is still under warranty or covered by AppleCare. If not, and you think you have the swollen battery issue, try taking the battery out and running your machine from main power you can also pay someone to do this for you. You will almost certainly see a significant improvement. Deleting them will force your Mac to recreate new ones. We'll show you how to set up Time Machine, make backups, and more.

How to Fix MacBook Pro Trackpad Erratic Cursor Dance Issue (Guide)

Reboot your Mac, and see if this cured the problem. As a last resort, you can erase and restore your Mac to factory settings. If none of the above worked, you probably need to take your machine in for repair. There are lots of repair options available, but the exact route you should take depends on whether or not you have AppleCare. Even if you do need a repair, there are still some workarounds that you can take in the meantime. The most obvious temporary solution is to disable your trackpad altogether and use a standard mouse.

The process is simply the reverse of the previously mentioned troubleshooting tip. Here Are Your Options "Tech support" — two words that strike fear into the hearts of all but the most competent computer users out there. Where do you begin to look when things start to go wrong? Read More in great detail before. Why not try troubleshooting your own Mac first next time? There are lots of tutorials on YouTube, but this is one of the best:. Doing so will void your warranty.

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If your machine is still under warranty, you should let Apple do the work. Did you find any of these simple solutions helped solve your problems, or was it something more serious? Here's how to remove dust from your keyboard and other settings to check that can fix your issue. Read More , we can help you fix that, too. Your email address will not be published. Helpful content My mouse is literally not working whatsoever, thus how am I supposed to click through the settings.. My curser keeps jumping around to random places and keep clicking random things when it's not supposed to.

Other times it will just lag My curser had jumped around 6 times and clicked 4 random things while I'm typing this. What should I do? Thank you for the tip!! My Trackpad seemed to have 'frozen' and wouldn't respond to two finger scroll, thus I couldn't scroll my email list or indeed the highlighted email itself, or any document for that matter, so I could only read to the bottom of the screen!!

Your very first tip to troubleshoot was to check updates and look for trackpad related updates not yet uploaded. There weren't any but there were some old various ones not uploaded. I clicked 'update all', the Mac shut down to install these and some old ones that apparently hadn't successfully uploaded, ten minutes later it came back on and Hey Presto, Trackpad working again!! I deleted the device from Blutooth panel and evrything works fine. Maybe some of You have similar problems. Check out your blutooth devices.

MacBook Startup Issue

Have a good day :. In the end I gave the edging small shelf in which the trackpad sits a good clean of all the bits that had built up over the years and then when I put the trackpad back in it then worked fine. I had to play with the work scew a little to get it perfect. Thank you! I had tried everything and was on to checking the trackpad settings, although was not able to arrow down into those sys pref menus to change anything. It dawned on me to use Siri! I have never found a use for her before!

Saw the culprit. It was piled on a desk across the room but here it was showing as connected. And she did.

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  • And immediately I can click again. Thanks to you! I feel a little bit smarter now. Aside from the planned obsolescence that is almost non existent in the PC world, your old pu will just run slower, maybe Apple is releasing too many versions too fast. None of these options worked for me. Any other options to get past the login so I can get the the Apple menu to check my trackpad status?

    Mouse in the drawer!!! With something pressing on the button. You saved me a trip to the repair shop. Thanks to the comments in this post… I was starting to think that my Mac was going bonkers. Turns out that my Anywhere 2S mouse in my bag was on and on the same channel as my Master MX on my desk. After turning the Anywhere mouse off in bag, I have control of my left click again. Thanks for this article. Ok so my I could not close out but the arrow was tracking still. I simply place 4 fingers on the pad and swiped left which took me to a quick launch screen. I then clicked on the plus sign in lower left corner once which took me to a secondary screen then clicked on the plus in lower left again.

    Once back to the original screen I swiped right. This brought me back to my main page and the click button then worked again for me. Hope this helps. I think it is perfectly ridiculous to Reboot, close the lid and then re-start after a wait…. However, it worked…. Also, the only way I was able to get around he clicking problem was with the Bluetooth mouse. Have brand new Mac pro with the touch bar.

    Left click stopped working entirely. Tried restarting alone, but nothing. I cant do anything all I can do is use three fingers and make the screen move in and out. You will lose any unsaved data. Probably a good plan to check your bluetooth settings upon restart if that is possible. Thanks for the post! It was an external mouse being pushed down. I never would have thought of it. Willy Pott! Thanks so much for the tip! I tried to restart and let it sleep for a few mins, failed…Funny thing was that i finally decided to do nothing except only shutting down the mac and turning on next morning.

    Finally, it worked again! The trackpad did again react to the mechanic clicks after resting for a day. Hopefully some of u will find it helpful to address the issue. Hi had a similar problem. No left mouse click even when using an external keyboard. I tried different thing without success then I connected to an external display not sure this helped and managed to go into the mouse settings.

    Without really changing anything from there, everything went back to normal.

    MacBook Trackpad Unresponsive

    Hard reboot followed by closing lid to sleep my MacBook Pro worked! This was a life saver. I was reading through the comments and I came across one that said they had a Bluetooth mouse that somehow got turned on. At first I thought it silly and unlikely that it was my issue. Low and behold I found the stupid mouse and problem solved.

    Thank You Willy Pott!! Thanks fir the suggestion of using the arrows and return to log on. Worked fir me putting the mac to sleep. My click is back , thank you. My trackpad still clicked, but it was very difficult to do so. It is old, and probably has a swollen battery, but I want to nurse it along without paying for repairs as long as possible. I can now easily navigate, and hopefully it will last a little longer, thanks!

    Happens to me all the time. I leave the plug out for about 15min. Plug back in and, after a normal restart, everything works as normal. I found a solution without restarting. In my case the bluetooth connection to my trackpad was messed up and I could only right click. Right click on the apple logo, right click on system preferences, start typing Bluetooth and then key down to the Bluetooth preferences screen and press enter.

    Thanks for posting. I traced it down to a bluetooth mouse that somehow connected to my mac without my knowing.

    Apple touchpad or trackpad mouse moving but won't click, problem fix. Mac book Pro,I mac

    I removed the bluetooth mouse and now my trackpad and wireless mouse work again! Hey I figured out that this problems occur when i change my monitors. So try to plug and unplug your monitor and keep clicking. Also sometimes it helps to to reboot in safe mode. But anyway that thing is annoying. Apple support was not able to help out, told me to go to a an Apple store, yeah thx. An other solution, but much more complicated and probably over the top, is installing el capitain on a USB or in my case on a SD card. When the problem occurs just shut down. Thank you for the tip to check for pressure on the trackpad.

    Turned that stupid thing off , i can use my Mac again. Thanks for this article! For a while I thought my Mac was gone! Hey this gives me some prank ideas mmmhhh. I had the same symptoms as Willy pott. The solution options for me were to either turn BlueTooth off or turn off both BlueTooth devices which requires removing the batteries on the external trackpad. Bonus tip: Memorize the keyboard shortcuts for accessing the Menu Bar and launching System Preferences, or assign them if there are none.

    The Apple menu is also where the Sleep, Restart, and Shutdown commands can be accessed using only the keyboard of MacBook Pros with a TouchBar above the keyboard and fingerprint reader. Older MBPs allowed for the assignment of keyboard shortcuts for these functions as well. The pointer started to have erratic movements and generated automatic clicks. Then this stopped but the left click would not work at all, even with an external mouse only the right click of the mouse worked.