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If the cpu went to sleep it would not wake up… right away. I removed that and I no longer had the problem. Upon returning from lunch, I found the black screen and almost nothing worked. Luckily a friend happened to give me an old mitsubibishi monitor and that worked fine… after a few rounds of kernal panics. I tried the dual monitor routine and still, the Apple Cinema display would not work.

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For now I will keep the current configuration both monitors just to get the work done. Previously i noticed that when I turn it off manually with the button on the right, it would turn back on in a couple of seconds, but it was fine. I tried something else though. Maybe the monitor has a switch built in, and if the power adapter gives it less power, it would lower the resolution? So, can anyone try this method? I found a way.

I tried many solutions, even reformatting the hard disk but it only got worse. I hope that this little trick works for a long time. Before turning off the computer, go to system preferences, choose displays and select a lower res display. When you restart simply go back to your regular resolution. Try it out, it might work for you too. So it will gets worse people. Exact same problem here. In a couple of seconds, it will turn back on. Dude I cannot believe that this method of plugging in and out really fast actually works.

I took this in to Apple a year ago before just fixing it myself with tips from the comments on this blog. Switching the cable that goes into the power brick from the white one to another one I had worked originally, but about 6 months later the screen just shut off and would not come back on. Then I came back here and saw your tip on plugging and unplugging really fast. Apple should really be ashamed of themselves for not recalling these displays.

Thanks Matt. From all the possible solutions posted here,yours is the one really works of plugin and unpluging power supply few times. Then I use a black screensaver, and never turn my monitor off. I also have the same problem with my 23 inch HD Cinema at work. We switched out my adapter and put another one from the other G5 and it went on immediately. So she took mine and here screen would not go on at all. So we switched them back and of course mine didnt go on and the other one did.

I rang apple and told them the problem. After being transfered to the service department i think I was given a reference number and told to take the display into an apple authorised repairer. I got the same problem as each of you, I guess I try as each sugested, thanks again for the info.

Duncan G. I like to utilize my juicy education Wanna very nice joke? What is the most popular wine at Christmas? Got my display back back from the Apple Shop a few days ago where they ordered me a new power brick. Seems to be working perfectly now. There was a click noise from the brick loud enough to hear over music and my display went dead. It has that hot electrical smell and there was the tiniest bit of black soot on the power cord the fat cord that connects the brick to the wall outlet when I unplugged it from the brick. Not happy….

Same problem here. Went to wake up my computer, display stays black, and then the usb hub stops working. This monitor has been nothing but trouble. Probably one of the worst products Apple has ever made. This product should be recalled. About 20 minutes later, plugged it back in and it powered on fine.

Hope it stays on! Not sure what the problem was, but it seems completely unplugging it is starting point. A complete unplug from the power for 30 minutes fixed that too…. After about 15 mins. No picture. I bought my cinema display in June like many of you and I have the same problems. It will randomly decide to work when I plug it in.

This seems to be a common problem for Cinema Displays from I bought my Cinema Display Summer and it worked fine until a month ago… It comes alive every now and then, and it worked fine at Best Buy, bust for the most part it sits on the back of my desk. Guess it was upset I was talking bad about it…. This worked great for me because I usually shut down immediately after use.

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I am convinced that there is some issue with sleeping the monitor because the problem came back after my preferences were lost with the death of my battery. By the way, I was able to get the monitor back up by letting the power brick sit for a while and lowering the resolution. I might try using a separate power strip for the monitor alone and never completely power it down. I agree with the folks who are saying that this product is not up to Mac standards due to these problems; a rel shame because the monitor is great in other respects.

Good luck everyone. Having gone 2 years with no issues other than discoloration around the edges of the monitor I shut the computer down one night, the next morning upon starting, the Cinema Display stayed black. I assumed it was the power supply. I made an appointment with the Geniuses who checked the power supply and found it to be functioning. My next thought was that the firewire drives had somehow put to much strain on the power supply. I bought a firewire hub to handle the drives, plugged the display back in leaving the USB and firewire cables unplugged.

The Cinema Display started right up when I restarted my computer. That lasted about 2 weeks. I hit the power button on the side of the display and it started up. This morning again the display was black. I tried the hitting of the power button game, this time to no effect. I found this thread. I tried mirroring the displays, changing resolutions, nothing happened. Then I started writing this post. Halfway through the dead monitor came to life. Same problem. I determined the power supply was at fault when switching to a known working one. I sent in the faulty power supply to the Apple store and was told out of warranty — too bad.

When I got it back it worked, and has worked for a few months. Then last night, it failed again. I got it back after leaving it unplugged both the high and low voltage cables and it came back on. I left it on and this morning, failed again. I have had all the symptoms as noted above and wanted to put my two cents in to the thread. No doubt there are many many more who are just putting up or paid the money to but a new power supply or two. I will try the resolution, etc. After a couple of days away and a merry Christmas, back to my home, and the CDisplay would not start no white led. I just tried the combination of cables, and the cinema display shuts down when i plug the USB cord on the mac pro.

Comes back to live when i unplug it. Thx a lot, I tried everything that has been posted on this website and only this trick helped. I hope it will last…. There is no blinking. What are your thoughts? No video, but power light comes on and turns off with no blinking and PSU tested okay. I have not tested the Display with another PSU yet. Update: After unplugging the brick and letting it sit all night, I plugged it back in. My G5 power pc was off. When booting, the little white light on the display came on for about three or four seconds, then went out and remained out.

I have now changed my energy settings so the display never sleeps, just goes to screen saver. I propose filing a class action law suit if apple refuses to fix this. I had previous problems as far as the video card was concerned corrupt ram created fuzz, so I upgraded it. The problems went away. I left for vacation for a month and turned off all the equipment ,including the monitor. I did not however unplug it from the no-break power surge protector.

I was frustrated that it would not turn on at all. There was no info in the apple support sites about this problem. I called for support and was told to take it into the genius dumb ass bar. I had taken the display into them two months before when the video card went bad. Brought it back and the problem returned. So knowing that the video card is not the problem , and that the computer is operating , the ports on the display operate , firewire usb etc. The only other logical answer IS the power supply set-up.

And that may include all cables involved. The Brick is nothing more than a transformer. It changes ac to dc power. The wires route the power to the display , and connect the hub on the display to the computer. With time the heat produced from this transforming down from say V ac to 90W usage with only Eventually no longer working.

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Halogen lighting transformers are a good example of this. If you have ever plugged too much demand on a transformer and it melts? Using a voltage regulator before the ups and anything else you plug in is a good way to keep your electronics last longer. And if you leave for extended periods of time , just unplug everything from the wall. Transformers keep working even if the device is off. If you ordered a new Brick and it did not solve the problem , then the cables are the problem. If the new one does not work either send it back again until you get a good one. These things are made in china and they have bad quality control.

So if your Brick is cold , it likely is dead. There are certain VERY specific situations that the display will work.

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But it works only when i unplug everything, plug in the DVI first, then plug in the power brick. As soon as i unplugged the speakers, the process worked. This all leads me to believe that the problem based on different frequencies being put out by the powerbook based on setting, or what is plugged in. Dave: use an air compressor and blow out any dust from the laptop.

Apple Cinema Display

Sometimes the processor heats up too much due to dust and causes these type of failures. But so do the power supplies. Check the video card maker for updates and make sure that when you unplug the extra display , that you return the video card settings to drive only one monitor , the main one. In system preferences click displays , then detect display. Make sure the resolution is the correct one. To wake monitor from sleep You must put your mac to sleep or turn it off by the button if it is in sleep mode already.

Plug in the monitor to video card dvi , plug in the rest of the cables firewire usb then the power to ac. Turn the power on your machine. This should wake it up if it was in sleep. Otherwise I recommend you check the power supply brick. It worked for me. Hi all. Just started flaking out this week. So far unplugging for a few minutes and plugging back in brings it back to life.

The resolution is lowered when it powers back on. This is almost as frustrating as getting my Airport Extreme and Airport Express working together! The problem appears to be especially likely after a period of heavy use. For a while I stepped around the problem by just never turning the monitor off. I kept it on the whole time. It eventually started turning itself off while not in use regardless of if I touched the power button or not. That one was made by Formac. It tended to happen mostly in very hot or cold weather.

The problem was a bit different in that case though. It would spontaneously turn off a couple of times a day. It was annoying, but bearable. Hey All! Im glad to say that with much prayer, and the power trick of pulling in and out. It came on!! While the MBP was in a restart. I initially bought it used and it worked fine for about a month the monitor is attached to a apple G4 mirroe drive computer.

Now it rarely turns on. I have tried unplugging the system which worked for a few days and now, again, has stopped responding. I am wondering if it would make a difference if the monitor was attache to a more updated computer such as the apple G5 tower. If someone has information in regards to this i would appreciate it. It is marked on the Logic board PMU. This is attached to the mother board. It regulates power and recognizes what you have plugged in. With time , the commands become useless and you must reset them to zero.

A lithium battery with low charge can also generate these problems. It is also located on the logic board. It remembers the time and several other commands. Go to Apple Support Knowledge base and get the instructions step by step. There is a sequence to doing this properly which they do not address. But it is good enough to help understand why these things are happening. I did all this and which I posted before and solved the problem. A class action suit would not proceed as long as some or most of the solutions provided were unhelpful to everyone.

In this case there are solutions which have helped some or most. It is unfortunate to have to invest more money into something that was expensive to begin with. But the problem may not even be the Display alone. People have posted it happens with other displays different brands. So to reiterate , whenever you plug something into a mac , it remembers and uses the last known settings to run the display video card.

It is hard to diagnose a problem and provide a fix all solution since every one is using a different configuration. All I can say is try this. Thanks VirjVlinder for that quick response. As to a Class Action, I think it would be a tough proposition going up against Apple. After a few days the monitor reverted back to its glitchy behavior and stopped powering on when the computer woke up from sleep. If I leave the monitor on, it behaves normally in sleep mode. The power LED light pulses on and off slowly.

Once I wake the computer, the light will abruptly go off the instant a video signal is sent to the monitor. I have two monitors so I wait until I see a video signal on my other monitor before I flip the power switch.

A1097 Broken Power Adaper fix for a 23" Apple Cinema HD Display

So far this has worked very well. What do you mean plugging the monitor into a power strip are you referring to a different outlet. Your solution may also work for me. When I put my computer to sleep or turn it off, I just flip the switch on the power strip to the off position so it cuts the power to the monitor completely.

The key is to flip the switch to the on position after your computer is fully powered up. If you turn the monitor on prematurely, the monitor will turn itself off once your Mac tries to send a video signal to it. This is all technically the same as plugging in and unplugging your monitor all the time, but it seems to work better for me.

This is quite a feat when you have to unplug the actual cord from the power supply. With a switch on the power strip, it makes it a lot easier to do this. You must hold down the letter O and f and option cammand all at once while turning the computer on. Keep holding the keys down until you her the start up sound three times. Release the keys once a white screen with commands appears. Type at the prompt reset-nvram press return Type reset-all press return. Thanks so much!!! I have yet to call them. Glad I found this site. With the Mac it worked just fine.

Days go by and then it did it again. I picked up the Power Brick and it began working, so I thought it was just a loose cable. Stayed black and nothing I did with the Power Brick seemed to help. One strange thing is that if I push the power button on the display the power light turns on briefly, but no image appears.

This display is only 8 months old as it was a warranty replacement for a display I bought in the summer of that had a slight flicker problem when there were too many windows open with a lot of white in them strange, but very reproducible. I suspect a fuse issue. I wish I could find some tutorials online to take apart the ACD and fix it myself. It is a costly part that has to do with sending voltage signal to the bulb which lights the display in the back.

Or the bulb as well. Do not attempt to take apart the display you will damage it. Can you even find any screws to take it apart? If you think you can fix it yourself , I advise to get the guide as to how to do it. It is not worth paying when you can get something else for Any brand of Display will work well with a MAC.

Good luck. Same exact problem. What are the necessarily steps to take in order to file a class action lawsuit? Surely there are enough of us that this is happening to? I was wondering if anyone can help me out. I was given a Mac screen by a mate with my G4, however on the screen then it is connected to the machine, the power light comes on and i can turn my machine on and off using the sensor on the screen, but the screen does not turn on. Ok, so I was having the same problem as everyone else and just yesterday I finally got my new power brick.

Once I plugged it in the cinema worked perfectly. You can find these things on ebay. DAVE, Please read my posts on how to reset the pmu and vram and pram. I gave solutions to all these problems. Like Dave S. Said if it does not turn on at all , it may be the power supply , 69 dollars from Apple if you return the old one.

But it sounds to me that you need to reset the pram , nvram and pmu. Recieved the new power adapter today — but it dosent change a thing. Black screen — same code. I have the same problem only for me I noticed this problem coming on over the course of a week. Then one or two days later, this happened again, so I brought the machine to work and it worked fine, brought it home and it did not work.. So I replaced my surge protector, convinced that it would solve my problem, and it did for a few days.. I did once for an evening, but alas, right back to it the next morning.

I think the design would lend itself well for the job.

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I guess they are just like any other big business.. Hi sean , I have posted several issues here related to the apple display which can be the problem. There are many things involved not just the screen. The main issue is the power brick. Those power supplies get hot get old. It is heat fatigue. The solution is what I stated in previous posts. Also ANY display brand will work on the mac.

Apple makes good products but as everything they do have lifespan. If you are going to buy an used apple display I suggest you test the power supply at an electronics store. They can see if the voltage is right or if it is fried or about to be. Well my issues is almost the same here, LED flashes short, long, short. Also when it is connected to, my imac i see the display under the displays settings and it shows me the right resolution X I dont know whats the problem here. I have tried every single method there is on this long and painful post.

He told me the geniuses at my local apple store can have a look at and have an appointment tomorrow at 8 pm. I hope it can be fixed, It took me like 2 years to save for this monitor. My problem persists intermittently. I find that the digestion of unplugging the monitor power until the Mac is completely booted up seems to work everytime. Plug in the power after that and it works. And wether or not their monitor problem returns. This page really helped.

It happened right after a big lightening storm. Not sure if a power surge messed things up. Disconnecting the monitor from the power source did the trick. Please read all my previous posts, they include many reasons why this happens and how to fix it. The problem is NOT limited to the power supply alone I have solved the same problems people keep posting here. I have posted how to fix it several times. I just ordered a new adapter from Apple. My best solution has been to never turn my computer off.

The NVRAM is reset by turning machine on while holding the keys option -apple-o-f at the same time and wait to hear the startup tone 3 times then let go off the keys and you will get white screen with command console, type in : reset-nvram press enter type in reset-all it will reply ok and reboot. You also must reset the pram it is a button located in the computer bellow the ram sticks it its marked PRAM. To reset buton you must disconnect all from the computer and also the power. Press button only once. Reconnect and restart.

Look for info at the apple knowledge base. Whenever you change major hardware it is good idea to reset it. I seem to remember that even before I started having these power up problems that my Cinema Display was occasionally slow to turn on occasionally, but only in the winter months. I have a g5 power pc dual processor, os Would the OS version be the culprit for not having the power button settings?

I read somewhere that a guy was getting a 1 volt reading on the middle pin of his damaged 90 watt power block. I figured maybe the display might work if I could somehow block the middle pin. I gingerly pressed it into the brick receptacle with a toothpick leaving just a little slack so it would not tear when I pushed in the small white plug. It was a bit of a tight fit but guess what. It worked for me hope you have good luck too. Mine was fine.

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I took it off his hands for free and then months later, found this page. I tried what you said and in fact, looked it up on youtube. I cut a tiny length of rubber and pushed it over the middle pin. I then plugged the power in and straight away the LED light came on solid and the screen came to life. I live in Australia and even with v it worked a treat. No power light at all. It normally just ran off the powerbook power supply. The usb and everything else works but the display itself is not working. I have checked the technician guide and all the test points on the logic board are good.

So my thoughts are the lcd panel itself. My macbook does not detect the display and I can't see an image when I use a flashlight. The backlights don't turn on either. I have checked the all in one cable and it's fine. So do you guys think it's the lcd panel? Use with known-good system. If used as second display, check display preferences to see if display is recognized by system.

Darken room and connect to a known-good supported system. Verify backlight by looking for faint glow from display. See Functional Overview. Shine bright low heat flashlight into the front of the LCD. Verify if an image is being displayed. Step 6 is most probably the give away. If all this checks out, you will have to replace the LCD. Hope this helps, good luck. Help Translate iFixit. Turn it back on, but press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys as soon as you hear the start-up sound. Keep all keys depressed until the Mac restarts and you hear the start-up sound again.

Release the keys and allow your Mac to load up as normal. How To. Blog How To News. Hit Return or Enter to search. Darina Stavniychuk. Explaining complex stuff very simply. Passionate about writing. Did you enjoy this post? Subscribe Now. August 15, Updated: August 15,