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If the process outlined above didn't correct the problem, then it's likely that the Time Machine volume has disk errors that need to be repaired.

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Here's how:. Use Disk Utility 's ability to repair minor drive issues to correct the read-only problem. Wait while Disk Utility works on the Time Machine drive. This process usually takes several minutes. The progress appears in the window along with the details on what is being checked or repaired. When the repairs are complete, you may no longer encounter the Backup Volume Is Read Only error message. The short answer is yes.

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In most cases, this one-time problem is unlikely to have any effect on the reliability of your Time Machine drive. As long as your Time Machine drive doesn't continue to have problems that require you to use Disk Utility or a third-party drive utility app to repair the drive, then you should be fine.

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In all likelihood, this was a one-time event, perhaps caused by a power outage or your Mac or the Time Machine drive turning off unexpectedly. As long as the problem doesn't repeat, your Time Machine drive should be in good shape. However, if the problem continues to occur, it may be time to consider a new drive to store your precious backups.

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How to fix a Time Machine backup that failed with a read-only error

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    This opens the drive info window where you can check the Format under the General section. In order to write data to your drive, you will need to format the drive using a Mac compatible file system. Formatting will erase any data currently stored on your Kanguru drive. Please back up any important data before formatting your drive. Click on the Go menu and then select Utilities.