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I guess it does this by visiting the websites canonical link and downloading the full article. Reeder displays your RSS feeds much like an email client. The advantage of an RSS reader like Reeder is that it strips out formatting and presents text in an easy to read format, complete with pictures. With regards features, one of the features I most use is the integration with Feedly.

Then, using your feedly credentials in Reeder, you can sync your feedly account and view all of your RSS feeds in the reeder app.

The Reeder Backstory

Articles can be set to disappear when read, enabling you to concentrate on fresh content. I find a larger font on a black background allows me to read a lot of content without fatigue. I do like the formatting controls available. The content is aggregated, sorted and formatted for me to read. I always relied on RSS during my university studies to stay current and at the bleeding edge. My favourite so far is the Mercury reader. Sharing to services such as Evernote, Twitter, Facebook and Buffer are baked right into the application and allow you to share an article in seconds.

Great for growing your online reputation as an influencer. Reeder supports a lot of RSS feed services such as Feedly, Feedbin, feed wrangler and Feed HQ, and also allows integration into services such as Instapaper for read later functionality. If you prefer to manage your RSS feeds yourself, either for privacy or maybe you only use a single device, than you can add any RSS feed locally without the need for third-party support.

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Overall, Reeder has completely changed my information retrieval habits. If you are new to RSS I highly recommend you check it out. The modern web can mean we are bombarded with information. Reeder is the perfect choice for those already interest in RSS or those wanting to streamline their information consumption.


Offline availability is vital to me. My feeds may provide articles a day, of which I may read. Now that I can get them offline I can read them on the go. I can remain offline and read without distractions, I can catch up on them on the plane or train. Please do check out this app. Thanks for this. I see you use Feedly with Reeder. How did you get to sync?

Hence its stuck on the same articles and not retrieving any new ones despite Feedly online updating with new items. Both Reeder and Feeddler , two popular Google Reader clients, have said they are not going away. If you have any suggestions for clients or services not mentioned in this post, please share them in the comments.

‚ÄéReadKit on the Mac App Store

Feedly is a news aggregator with a newspaper-like flair. It has its own iOS and Android apps so you can setup your feeds in the browser and view them on your mobile devices. There's no desktop app, but you can use Fluid to create one. You can access your news via the web, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Smith started work on the service as a replacement for Google Reader and planned to launch it this summer.

After Google's big announcement, those plans have been moved up. You can sign up on Feed Wrangler's website to be alerted when the service is ready to launch. It already has a working website and you can create a login to check it out for free. Feedspot lets you import your Google Reader feeds. Bloglines is another online agregator that lets you subcribe, manage and share news feeds and other web content. It's been around since and has changed hands a few times.

It is web-based; there are no native apps. Fever serves up your RSS feeds and rates them so you can see the hottest stories first.

Review of Leaf RSS Reader For Mac

It's not for everyone and developer Shaun Iman, who created Fever, has some tips for those considering switching to this self-hosted option. The app has changed hands a few times over the years and has undergone a lot of changes. All apps will also get a modern design.

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You'll see a setting for syncing with Google Reader, but that is optional, not required. The app also integrates with Pocket, Instapaper, Readability and Evernote. Syncs with Google Reader, but that feature is optional, not required. Created by Ole Zorn, the developer behind Pythonista for the iPad , Newsrack hasn't been updated in a over a year. Hopefully, the Google Reader News will be incentive to bring some fresh features to the app. Pulp takes your favorite news feeds and presents them in an magazine-style layout.

You can scan through previews and quickly find the stories that interest you the most. Headlines brings together the news you are interested in and displays the content in newspaper-style columns. It supports RSS feeds and lets you organize them into 7 pages of content.

Subscribe to RSS Feeds in Safari for Mac in OS X El Capitan & Yosemite

This is a good option for someone with a smaller RSS feed portfolio. Those topics with a high rating float to the top of your news stream. It's designed to help you find the news that you care about.