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The only caveat about importing is that if the Entourage Database Daemon is not running, the Entourage import may fail. I did not test. Account setup is similar to the way it was in Entourage, except that the account settings have been merged into an all-new application preferences dialog box. The only glitch I noticed is that when you tell Outlook to use SSL with your SMTP account, it leaves the port at 25, instead of changing it to —minor, but annoying.

If you have an account with a mail provider Outlook knows about like MobileMe , then the software does a good job of automatically setting up the account details. Preferences: Outlook 's account settings are now found in a new Preferences dialog box. Other power features that are missing are the ability to add custom headers to e-mail messages, and the option to view the full headers of a message.

You can set basic options, such as font, font style, lists, indents, and alignment, but no flashing text or tables.

Why Microsoft Outlook Is the Best Email Client for Mac Users

However, Outlook is better at handling received e-mail than Entourage, which had a tendency to do bad things to HTML e-mail when you forwarded it. In my tests while running Exchange, this feature worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, all you can do with this new UI is subscribe or unsubscribe to folders. If you have multiple calendars, then Outlook by default shows you a merged view for all calendars, local and Exchange.

Navigation menu

You can turn individual calendars on and off with ease. One thing Outlook does that iCal could take a cue from is that if you have a specific calendar selected, the events for all other calendars fade out a bit. By default, all calendars have the same color; if you want events to have different colors, you have to assign a category. One trick Outlook could stand to learn from iCal is the ability to change the calendar for an event from within the event itself.

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Setting up events has changed a bit. There are now two different kinds of events: appointments and meetings. The difference? You invite people to meetings, not to appointments. This separation is a bit pedantic, since you can invite someone to an appointment, but when you do, it changes itself to a meeting. Do you really need two buttons for what is really the same UI? Calendar: Outlook 's calendar displays events recorded on your personal Outlook calendar, as well as events recorded to Exchange. Outlook has no CalDAV support.

There are reasons for leaving it out of the first release this version was heavily focused on Exchange , I hope future updates add CalDAV support—Outlook is entirely too useful to be solely bound to Exchange calendaring. You can use. Microsoft plans to add calendar sync support in a future update.

Amazon is selling some iPad Pro models for the lowest prices ever. Grab highly rated Bluetooth speakers for cheap in Amazon's one-day Prime Anker's popular, already affordable car chargers and dash cams are even However, if you're used to Entourage, the appearance of the Ribbon might be a little confusing.

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At the top of the main window is an icon-only toolbar that gives you single-click access to commonly used commands. You can customize the commands that appear here. Immediately below this toolbar is a row of tabs: Home, Organize, and Tools. The contents of the Ribbon below these tabs change as you switch between them.

Most of the commands here are directly equivalent to items that used to appear in the Entourage toolbar; as in Windows Office, some Ribbon icons are pull-down menus, as indicated by a downward-pointing triangle to the right of the icon. Figure 1: Outlook for Mac main window. The same layout is used for message windows, although those windows have only one tab. The main Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks windows get the Ribbon treatment, as do the windows for individual items of each type.

The UI retains the familiar three-column view, although there are some changes in the folder list that occupies the leftmost column. There's no way to reorder the accounts or folders that appear here, and Microsoft has decided to group them so that each account's related folders are together.

Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac OS X

For example, there's a single Drafts folder that shows you drafts from all defined accounts when selected. If you expand this folder, you see the individual Drafts folder for each account. After the grouped folders Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, and Deleted Items , separate per-account headings contain other folders, including the Conversation History and Sync Issues folders.

Although this arrangement might seem a bit confusing at first, individual folders are accessible through the Inbox folder, just as they are in Outlook for Windows. This design parallels the approach that Apple took in its Mail application, so it's familiar to most Mac users. One long-running irritation in Entourage was its synchronization behavior when used with Exchange. There was no way to control when or how it synchronized, and the Work Offline menu command often needed to be used to force disconnection and reconnection at unexpected times.

Outlook for Mac's sync behavior is both considerably faster and much more robust than its predecessor.

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For example, when in offline mode, you're no longer prompted to go online and send the message each time you queue a message for sending. This prompt used to drive me absolutely crazy when working through email on long airplane flights. However, there's no way to take an individual account offline or to provide separate sync settings for individual accounts. Outlook for Mac also lacks the extensive controls for dial-up and the low-bandwidth connection control that are included though rarely used in Outlook for Windows.

In general, Outlook for Mac deals gracefully with changes or interruption in network connectivity, and it does so without any of the balloons or error messages that are familiar to Windows Outlook users. An activity window tells you which synchronization operations are in progress, but it doesn't contain much detail on which folders or messages are being synchronized at any given time. Conversation threading is a semi-new feature in Outlook for Mac -- meaning that Entourage could sort messages by conversation, but only based on the text of the message subject.

If you're accustomed to the way that conversation threading works in Outlook Web App OWA or Outlook , then you might be somewhat disappointed by the Outlook for Mac implementation. The feature still depends on the message subject line and doesn't use the conversation headers that Exchange Server adds. So if your correspondents change the subject line of a message, the thread appears to break. This behavior is particularly annoying for threads that originate from systems such as Yahoo! Groups and Gmail, in which the mail transport system itself can and often does meddle with subject lines during normal operations.

Apart from that, there have been several bizarre bugs in conversation threading mode. However, in that mode, Outlook frequently loses track of how many messages are actually in a folder, and the selection behavior that is used to move between messages in a thread is often inconsistent. There are two ways to categorize missing features in Outlook for Mac those which are present in Outlook for Windows and those that aren't. Microsoft never claimed that Outlook for Mac is, or is intended to be, a feature-for-feature clone of Outlook Instead, it tried to pick the most-demanded features from Outlook for Windows while still preserving a Mac-like experience that is well-integrated with the rest of the Office for Mac suite.

Still, some Outlook capabilities would be welcome in a future release:. In the category of non-Windows Outlook features from which Outlook for Mac could benefit, the biggest is probably performance.

How To: Get Microsoft Office 2016 Full Version For Mac (FREE) 2 Methods

Outlook for Mac sometimes feels ponderous when launching or switching modes; Apple's Mail. In general, Outlook performance is significantly better than that of Entourage on similar hardware, but there are improvements yet to be made.