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The accent then can be applied to associated letters both lower and uppercase. With this combination pressed the keyboard will now produce a different set or an uppercase version of the previous set in some cases. Notice that holding the shift key as well as the option key while pressing a letter key may create "capital" versions of what results when the same letter key is pressed while the option key but not the shift key is held.

Mac volume keys / Function Keys F1 to F12 Perform Random Functions, No Volume or Brightness Control

For example:. The key is also used to provide for alternative menu items and buttons when pressed down. The iPhoto example is an example of a control whose behavior is governed by a preference which is temporarily inverted by holding down the Option key. The preference in this case is which way to rotate the image: If the user changes the default rotation direction in the Preferences to clockwise, holding down Option will make the button rotate counterclockwise instead, and vice versa. It is common for such controls — that is, those whose behavior is governed by a preference — to be invertible in this way.

In text areas , the Option key can be used for quick keyboard navigation. In browsers such as Safari and SeaMonkey , the option key can be used to download a file.

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Pressing down the option key when hitting return in the address bar causes the URL-specified file to be downloaded. Also, pressing the option key when clicking a hyperlink causes the link target to be downloaded. Hi Nick, if you use the BetterTouchTool app mentioned in the article, you can configure a function key or any key of your choice to trigger the original key or keyboard shortcut i.

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Instead of switching to the Swedish keyboard layout, I would like to use the English keyboard layout all the times, but remap the numeric keys 1 through 6 on the numeric key pad to those letters. How would I do that? This might be a little late to the party, but I just want f5 to paste my work email and f6 to paste my work address. I want f13 and 14 to do the same for my home address. I am using a Logitech K at the moment, but I would switch to make this happen.

I've tried setting and to auto-replace with my emails, but it doesn't seem to work for text fields or when I really need it. I'm doing a lot of keyboarding, and would like to add a delete key that isn't "so far away" from the rest of the keyboard.

Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Mavericks Edition by David Pogue

What would you do? It didn't seem to be addressed by your article, though granted, I only skimmed. Thank you very, very much, Sylvia. Well, what do you know!

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  • I've managed to work it out! Turns out I had been using the Spanish ISO keyboard which somehow got deleted from the input source options. As soon as I started displaying my keyboard in Spanish again, all the keys regained their original function. Good news! Best :. Hi, Do you think you could help me revert to the original key assignment on my MacBook Air. Suddenly, symbols I used to be able to type using the shift key have changed.

    For example, I used to type inverted commas which are depicted above the number 2 by holding down shift and 2. Now when I do that, I get the symbol which is depicted beside the 2. All the other punctuation marks and symbols have also been changed and I have no way of accessing the most basic symbols such as question mark, inverted comma, forward slash etc. Many thanks. I would be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks, Genevieve. Top Deals.

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    This will sign you up to our newsletter Enter your Email. Amelio Vazquez-Reina. Amelio Vazquez-Reina Amelio Vazquez-Reina 1, 6 6 gold badges 17 17 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges. Thanks for the suggestion. It looks like it comes with few pre-defined settings so it doesn't let me define a specific key to map to Fn similar to Karabiner , but it's good to know. Andrew Cafourek Andrew Cafourek 2 2 bronze badges.

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