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This will create a new slide with a blank question and answer textbox, as well as a polling graphic. Type your desired question and up to 10 possible answer choices for multiple choice questions. Click away from the text box to make the polling graphic automatically reset to display the correct number of responses.

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Setting a correct answer automatically sets all other answer choices to incorrect, but if multiple answers are correct, then you can set them manually. Input the Correct Point Value to assign a number score.

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Add a Correct Answer Indicator to give participants a visual confirmation of the correct answer after polling has closed. If you wish to have a countdown timer automatically close polling after a certain time, go to Objects and select Countdown. Before running your PowerPoint Poll, you must Reset your presentation so that all the answers are zeroed.

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Launch your PowerPoint in presentation in Slide Show mode, and when you navigate to a slide with a TurningPoint polling question, you should see a bar appear at the top right. By default, polling opens to audience responses as soon as the slide is reached, but you can adjust this in the TurningPoint Cloud Sidebar Slide Pane. Advance your slides normally to proceed through each step.

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  6. Once you see Polling Open , participants may now begin using their clickers to submit number or letter answers to your polling question. The number of responses will increase with each submission from your audience. Advance your slide one step forward to stop polling. This will display your poll results. Advance again to display your Correct Answer Indicator , if applicable. Advance again to proceed to the next slide. To conduct the poll for another group of participants, hit the Reset button again and start again in Slide Show mode.

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    With TurningPoint, you have the ability to use PowerPoint polls as graded assessments which can then be added to your Blackboard grade center. ResponseWare is the browser viewer that allows participants to join a TurningPoint Poll via the web. This also used to be the name of the mobile application, but this is now known simply as the TurningPoint application.

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    Provided they have a license, audiences will be able to participate in TurningPoint polls using their mobile devices or their computers. When you connect to ResponseWare as an instructor, you will be provided with a Session ID that you will need to provide to your students.

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    These licenses are not provided by the University, and it will up to individual faculty or departments to contact Turning Technologies for pricing information if you are interested in using TurningPoint Cloud or ReponseWare in your classroom. Web Polling v1. TurningPoint Cloud PC v7. TurningPoint Cloud Mac v7. Please review the supporting documentation, which includes full details of the release: TurningCloud v2.

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    ResponseWare Android Release Notes. Further questions can be directed to the product management team: productmanagement turningtechnologies. Turning Technologies released a patch for Insight Cloud Mobile Edition users that experienced issues with the student app and web access. With this patch, users will be able to leverage the student app and web access seamlessly as before. While not required, it is highly recommended that users update to Insight Cloud v3. Thank you for your patience.

    Insight Cloud v3. There has been an update for Insight Cloud Mobile Edition users that may have experienced issues with the student app and web access. Our development teams have found a resolution that will update the server and will not require an update with the desktop application.

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    We will be offering a desktop update and it is strongly recommended that users update, but older versions will work as expected once the server change is in place. We will notify customers as soon as the fix is in place, as well as when the desktop update is available. Thank you again for your continued understanding and patience. Please note this only affects our premium licensed users. Our development teams are working as quickly as possible to resolve this issue, with an anticipated update available this week.

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