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And I found some of the samples not all that helpful in understanding the underlying data, even if they were visually striking. What it does: This tool can turn data into any number of visualizations, from simple to complex. You can drag and drop fields onto the work area and ask the software to suggest a visualization type, then customize everything from labels and tool tips to size, interactive filters and legend display. You can combine multiple connected visualizations onto a single dashboard, where one search filter can act on numerous charts, graphs and maps; underlying data tables can also be joined.

In addition, you can easily perform calculations on data within the software. Many Eyes includes more than a dozen output options — from charts, graphics and word clouds to treemaps, plots, network diagrams and some limited geographic maps.


Formatting is basic: For most visualizations, the data must be in a tab-separated text file with column headers in the first row. Drawbacks: Both your visualizations and your data sets are public on the Many Eyes site and can be easily downloaded, shared, reposted and commented upon by others.

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IBM does offer a contact form for businesses interested in hosting their own version of the software. In addition, customization is limited, as is data file size 5MB. There are quick screencasts explaining each visualization type and several different color customization options. Drawbacks: Visualization options are fairly basic and limited. Interacting live with the Web-based data can be sluggish at times. Data files are limited to 10MB. What it does: This open-source Web-based framework is designed for charts, clouds, graphs, timelines and maps.

Drawbacks: This is not yet an application that end users can use to store and share their work. It was also unclear how to customize labels. And your data stays local unless and until you decide to publish. Drawbacks: For newcomers unused to coding visualizations, it takes time to get familiar with coding and library syntax.

And for the API, as with other JavaScript libraries, coding is required, making this more of a programming tool than an end-user business intelligence application. What sets this tool apart from many others is the highly polished graphics it creates from just basic code samples. You can choose to download code for only the visualization types you want to use to minimize the weight of Web pages. Drawbacks: Since this is not an application but a code library, you must have coding expertise in order to use it. Also, the choice of visualization types is somewhat limited.

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Moreover, the data should be in JSON format. There are also a large number of sample visualization types available, including maps and some statistical analyses. What it does: This is full-fledged GIS software, designed for creating maps that offer sophisticated, detailed data-based analysis of a geographic regions.

But QGIS users say the open-source alternative is an excellent program that does a great deal of useful GIS work — and may even be better than ArcView when it comes to generating maps for the Web, thanks to a plug-in dedicated to generating HTML image maps.

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It can also be enhanced with plug-ins that add support for numerous undertakings, including geocoding, managing underlying table data, exporting to MySQL and generating HTML image maps. Drawbacks: As with any sophisticated GIS application, learning to use this software entails a serious commitment of time and training.

Even in hour-long hands-on sessions with first ArcView and then QGIS, I noticed things that were easier to do in the commercial option. This is one case where installation is more complicated on OS X, since it requires manual installation of several dependencies.

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Plant, professor emeritus at the University of California, Davis. But there are numerous other options from smaller organizations or lone open-source enthusiasts that were designed from the ground up to map geographic data. What it does: This user-friendly website generates color-coded maps; the colors change depending on underlying info such as population change or average income. It can also place markers on a map, varying the size of the markers based on a data table. However, not all data formats work correctly when hosted locally. Marker transparency, size and color are extremely simple to customize; you can also upload your own marker image, and customize what appears in the tooltips rollover by adding a tooltip column to your data source.

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This is a well-thought-out interface from a onetime Apple engineer. Embedded OpenHeatMap. And this feature still can occasionally be buggy, although Warden is responsive to bug reports. What it does: OpenLayers is a JavaScript library for displaying map information. For users who are comfortable hand-coding JavaScript and prefer not to use a commercial platform such as Google or Bing, this can be a compelling option.

Drawbacks: OpenLayers is not yet as developed or as easy to use as, say, Google Maps. What it does: OpenStreetMap is somewhat like the Wikipedia of the mapping world, with various features such as roads and buildings contributed by users worldwide. While Ushahidi can use several different providers for the base map layer, including Google and Yahoo, some project creators feel most comfortable sticking with an open-source option. What it does: This desktop software is for analyzing data points that involve a time component.

It also allows the information to be sorted and filtered, and it gives some statistical summaries of the data. The timeline view offers a slider so you can zero in on a time period. While many applications can plot bar graphs, fewer also offer calendar views. And unlike Web-based Google Fusion Tables, TimeFlow is a desktop application that makes it quick and painless to edit individual entries. Drawbacks: This is an alpha release designed to help individual reporters doing investigative work.

There are no facilities for publishing or sharing results other than taking a screen snapshot, and additional development appears unlikely in the near future.

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  5. Some data visualization geeks think word clouds are either not very serious or not very original. You can think of them as the tiramisu of visualizations — once trendy, now overused. But I still enjoy these graphics that display each word from a text file once, with the size of the words varying depending on how often each one appears in the source. This app runs on the command line, so users should have ability to find file paths and plug them into a sample command. Investigative journalists have used such tools to, for example, find links between people who are involved in development projects or who are members of various boards of directors.

    An understanding of statistical theories of network node analysis is necessary in order to use this category of software. What it does: This Excel plug-in displays network graphs from a given list of connections, helping you analyze and see patterns and relationships in the data. Sharon Machlis is online managing editor at Computerworld.

    Her email address is smachlis computerworld. Tukey y William S. SF: Ese es un problema serio, desde luego. Pero este es un mensaje algo intrascendente, que se resume en pocas palabras. Es casi imposible. Cuando veo un cuadro de Picasso, sin embargo, no tengo la expectativa de extraer una historia clara, sino de que me conmueva. SF: No creo que el procedimiento sea muy diferente al que un analista de empresas adopta para estudiar datos y presentarlos a sus colegas.

    Foto: Microsoft. Stephen M. Kosslyn es un maestro de maestros. Mi objetivo siempre ha sido ayudar en ese proceso. SK — No tengo la menor duda. Es aconsejable por varios motivos. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Sep 21, SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search.

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    Windows server vs centos. The other thing I wanted to talk about is a newly organized group of technologies called OmniSharp. While there are two Microsoft folks on the team of 8 or so, we are working on it as community members, not in an official capacity. You can watch that video here on Channel 9 now if you like. However, the technologies around and under OmniSharp have been around for years…like over a decade! Jonathan Channon has a great overview blog post you should check out that talks about how Jason Imison created OmniSharpServer which is an….

    It allows applications to easily analyze both syntax and semantics of C programs. OmniSharp runs as its own process and runs a local Nancy -based web api that your editor of choice talks to. If you have an editor that you like to use, why not get involved and make a plugin? Perhaps for Eclipse?

    And these work on so far all platforms! NET vNext , so they can launch Kestrel our libuv based local webserver , run Entity Framework migrations, and other arbitrary commands from within Sublime. The emacs setup here is an example is a little more complex than the others, but it also gives emacs folks an extreme level of control. Note that I had to launch the OmniSharp server manually for emacs, while it launches automatically for the other editors. Here is an ASP. OmniSharp is in very active development.