Setting up gmail on mac 10.6.8

Set the Authentication field to Password.

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Click the Account Information tab. Click Edit Server List Enter smtp.

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Select Use default ports 25,, Select Password from the drop-down menu next to Authentication. Enter your AD username and password in the relevant fields. Click OK , then close the window. Download the certificate to your desktop. Firefox customers: Hold down the control key and click the hyperlink. Choose Save link and save to your desktop. Double-click the new digicert.

How to configure for OSX x (Snow Leopard)

For Leopard OS For Snow Leopard OS Click on the right arrow next to Trust. Select Always Trust in the drop-down menu next to "When using this certificate. Close and restart Mail. Select the account you wish to verify or change from the Accounts list. Verify your email address and name.

Setting Up Mail on Mac for OS X 10.6.x – 10.9.x for IMAP

Verify the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Servers. Verify the User Name and Password. Close the window. Select Preferences from the Mail menu. Enter your new account information following the steps above. Click Edit on the main menu bar at the top of your screen. To ask questions, request a service, or report an issue, contact the ITS Service Desk , or ext. Departments IT Services. La Jolla, CA All rights reserved. Recover deleted messages! Fix broken backups that won't restore in iTunes.

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How To Completely Restore Your Mac to Factory Settings

Clean an iPhone backup to start fresh only restoring what you want. Yesterday I helped a friend who had a problem where her outgoing email account SMTP server for a Gmail based email account kept appearing "Offline" right after she set it up.

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Select the account with the broken outgoing mail server, and then click the minus sign at the bottom. Ensure that the little checkbox for Enable this account is checked.

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  4. This problem and ones like it have been troubling Mac users ever since Apple Mail came on the scene. It's a kludge with parts that don't exactly work well together -- and just when you think you have a solution, another part breaks. Time perhaps to use another mail system? For most email setups, your emails should still be on your IMAP server, rather than stored locally on your computer. If you go to the Gmail web interface, are your emails still there? All of these have worked for me in the past, but they're not working now. Sometimes just opening gmail in Chrome works, but not this time.

    Do you have any other ideas? I want to make sure we brainstorm for the right version of Apple Mail. Thanks so much, Kelly. I have Usually if I wait a couple of hours the gmails start coming through, but they haven't this time.

    And, I have rarely used other gmail accounts, and those are online. In case this helps you help others: I decided to write an important letter in Apple Mail only because I prefer the format to that on the Gmail website. The problem fixed itself after I initiated writing the email. This works! Upgraded to high sierra this week and had the outgoing mail server problem.

    Sync your Mac Address Book with Google Contacts

    Thanks for the help! This solved the problem, although I had to do a second step that was not described, and that was to click on the small box in the Accounts Preferences labeled "Enable this account". Once I did that, it was back to normal. Decipher Media makes Decipher Tools software to address common iPhone, iPad, and iPod needs like documenting text messages, photo recovery, and fixing broken iPhone backups.

    Decipher Tools. Decipher Backup Repair Fix broken backups that won't restore in iTunes.