View hidden folders mac mavericks

How to view hidden files and folders

He has also authored several digital marketing and business courses for LinkedIn Learning previously Lynda. Since , AnsonAlex. Anson Alexander. Watch Later Remove Cinema Mode. You may also like. Your Library folder is immediately visible.

Mac OS X: Show Hidden Files in Finder

You can access this setting at any time to toggle the visibility of your personal Library folder. For example, Macworld senior contributor Joe Kissell has found that applying an OS X update can make the folder invisible, requiring you to manually make it visible again. Now that the folder is visible, just remember to be careful—because, as I mentioned above, deleting or moving the wrong file s inside this folder could cause an application to misbehave, to lose its settings, or even to lose data.

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Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X

Dec 4, AM. In Seems like a strange change to me. Jan 15, AM. I was forced to spend some of my precious time looking into this use today and I have now worked it out. The command that everyone is using is correct, but there seem to be some new plist caching being used in Mavericks that is being messed by by the "killall Finder" command.

Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X

The key is to reboot rather than killall. What we can see happening is that then we run the defaults command, the finder plist is updated correctly but when the killall command is issued and we recheck the plist, the AppleShowAllFiles line is gone again. I figured that the kill all command must trigger some kind of security in the OS. It probably thinks that Finder has crashed and it refreshes it's plist file from a backup. I guessed that a reboot of the system would gracefully write any caches to where they should be.

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  • Step 2: Run the Defaults Command.
  • Using the Terminal Utility?
  • Alternative: Terminal commands!
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This seems to be the case. Jan 29, AM.

How To Tag Files Quickly In Finder - Mac OS X Mavericks

What I don't understand, however, is that apps like InVisible used to work in Mavericks I'm not sure what I did Mar 23, AM. This worked for me. I have been a full-time Mac user since Dec I work in IT and have been trying to figure this one out off and on since then.

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That was the trick. Mar 25, PM. Alternativilly you can hold Alt, right-click on the Finer icon you will see an option 'Relaunch';. Mar 27, PM.