Virtual mac os on windows 7

Install Mac OS X within Windows 7

Save the version for Intel Macs to your computer, and run it. Set up the file according to the instructions. Once VirtualBox is installed, you can create your own Virtual Machine.

Run macOS on your PC as a virtual machine

You can do this by running VirtualBox and click blue spiky New icon. Keep in mind the amount of RAM you put into your virtual machine could greatly adjust performance, but can also adversely affect performance of the host computer your Mac. So far, Windows 7 is running well for me. I chose to go with a dynamically expanding hard drive because it allows space to be more flexible, and takes up only as much space your Virtual Hard Drive does.

For example, if you chose to have a dynamically expanding storage virtual hard drive of 60GB and only had Windows 7 and Microsoft Office on there, the virtual hard drive itself would take up less than 20GB of space on your Mac.

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Windows 7 itself takes up around 10GB, so I was generous and gave my virtual hard drive around 60GB of storage. When you start it up, you will see the First Run Wizard pop up. Navigating through VirtualBox might require capturing your cursor. You can simply click inside the virtual machine to transition back from Mac cursor to Windows cursor. Installing Windows 7 is the easy part.

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Your virtual machine should boot into Windows setup, and you will be met by this screen. Select the only hard drive available, and press next to continue.

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  7. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Macs have a thriving ecosystem of software, but some programs still only support Windows. Whether you want to use business software or play Windows PC games, there are many ways to run Windows programs on your Mac. Some of these methods are similar to the ways you can install Windows software on Linux or run Windows programs on a Chromebook.

    Virtual machines, dual-booting, the Wine compatibility layer, and remote desktop solutions are all included here.

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    They allow you to install Windows and other operating systems in a window on your Mac desktop. In the long run, the price is well worth it.

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    Many games, especially newer ones, will be unplayable. Installing Windows as a real operating system on your Mac is the best idea if you want to play Windows games or use demanding applications that need all the performance they can get. Your Mac will perform as well as a Windows PC with the same specifications.

    If you just want to run a Windows desktop application alongside your Mac applications, a virtual machine will probably be ideal.

    How to Run macOS on Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine

    On the other hand, if you want to play the latest Windows games on your Mac, Boot Camp will be ideal. Essentially, Wine is an attempt to rewrite the Windows code that applications depend on so they can run on other operating systems. This means that Wine is nowhere near perfect. Nevertheless, Wine is one way to try running Windows applications on a Mac.