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I will show you two alternative ways to do this. Please note that I am a Mac user. Therefore, the tools and approaches I am going to mention are Mac based. I am sure that Windows users may find similar solutions. Using this program, you can easily record keyboard macros and run them later. You will see that MacOS will paste your text, wait for 1 second, and re-paste your text again.

Neat, eh? If you google about it, you may find some other keyboard macro applications for the same task.

I mentioned Keyboard Maestro only because I tried that one. After the break, you'll see a list of keyboard shortcuts for the game interface. They are still not completely natural for me, but at level 70 when you mostly play PvP , you really NEED to be very fast. For many people, keyboard shortcuts are the best way to speed up your reaction times.

A lesson from one who has gone before you: I really wish I had learned to use the movement keys before I hit You have thus been warned.

WoW Rookie: Keyboard shortcuts

Now let's talk about strafing. Strafing means moving in one direction while looking or attacking in another direction. Strafing is an important WoW skill. Key Action Q Strafe left E Strafe right Here's a video that will show you what strafing looks like if you can't picture it in your head.

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How do you place your hand on the keyboard when you're using it for movement? A very good question, my friend. If you took a keyboarding class or typing class, old skool , your left pinky is on the A and your index finger is on the F. If you keep your hand here, it's going to feel really weird learning how to move with the keyboard because you'll be using your two weakest fingers most of the time. If you shift your finger placement to the left one key -- so that the pinky is off the letters and your ring finger is now on the A, your index finger will be on the D.

A little more comfortable, right? Some people will stop there, leaving their right hand for the occasional mouse action. Feels like playing piano. Others prefer to move the left hand off the letters and use the right hand on the movement keys, which puts your right index finger on the A key. Thanks [ Reply ]. I donot found any single short cut keys to subscript and superscript in excel is there any way plz verify and suggest [ Reply ].

World Of Warcraft Hotkeys - Keyboard shortcuts

A Simple,Stream-lined and Straight forward presentation. Keep it up and updated!!! I am wondering if it is possible for local IT to actually turn off some of these shortcuts presumably so they don't have to support users who accidentally use these keys and then don't understand what they have done. Why anyone would want to disable it is beyond me. Is there a way to remap or turn on the short cut key,Not all the shortcuts listed under the Win 7 section appear to work on my business laptop running Win 7. Is there a way to remap or turn on the short cut key!

Not all the shortcuts listed under the Win 7 section appear to work on my business laptop running Win 7. Is there a way to remap or turn on the short cut key? I appreciate you taking the time and effort to make these shortcuts available in the pdf dnld. It looks great and fits on 2 pages, well done. Hi, on Windows 7 64bit I have been unable to put customized keyboard shortcuts in. I can enter them in the Keyboard Shortcut field in the properties page, and though the shortcut works such as when clicking on its icon , the associated keyboard shortcut viz, Ctrl-Alt-d does nothing.

Have tried this with many different combinations.

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Any thoughts? Perhaps there's an error The confusion might have something to do with a Dvorak key layout There are trolls all over the net who post mean-spirited comments. Fortunately most people I meet on the net are of higher caliber. For what it's worth I found your Win 7 Shortcuts to be concise and meaningful. Thanks for taking your time to make a selfless contribution. This will make icons big and small in size [ Reply ].